Draining the sea and the sky.

There are three types of people you should be able to recognise by sight. They are:

1. Thieves.

2. Racists and..

3. Vandals.

They are the most depressed people you know, without actually suffering from clinical depression (or the food related problem of manic depression.) You know the feeling you get after reading a newspaper from Rupert Murdoch’s misogynous stable?

Well they have that sort of feeling all the time. And they can only harbour a sordid happiness when they are hurting someone, killing them in fact or fancy, or destroying their property. Laughter has left their lives and hate has stained their souls.

Things are bad enough these days when so few of us are able to practice what Christ taught about helping people. But most of us can learn and change like the wind.

For such people, knowing the way out is doubly difficult. And for the rich and powerful it is almost irredeemably so. For the errors of the rich and powerful are magnified exponentially. The smallest mistake of the great is an enormous failure to the disenfranchised. And the large mistakes, that only the rich and powerful can make, are more than mere oversight. They can and do damage nations. …

Last night we got over the bad weather from the break in the spell. Today is fine again but in the gap in the clouds of yesterday evening I saw behind them traces of cirrus: Mare’s Tails. This signifies a severe tropical storm, a category 4.

I can’t distinguish between a Cat 4 and a Cat 5, so I no longer bother. Maybe it is the pressure at the centre -which has no significant direct affect on anything, the centres of storms are like barycentres, where the forces are all in balance and no damage is done.

Cat 5s may be larger but you would need a satellite to see it. In fact it is only because we have satellites that we can classify hurricanes and typhoons out past Cat 1 -for at ground zero the air is full of foam and nobody can see anything.

The point is; on a fine day there is always going to be a chance for a severe tropical storm. More likely if the weather has been unsettled and is now relaxing once more. But in Britain the weather is always fine during cyclogenisis, the opposite -when a storm dies down (cyclosis) tends to produce rain here.

I just happened to look at the time before retiring last night and it was about 20 minutes past midnight. I was in time to catch the shipping broadcast. I was too drunk to get a good tape recording of it but I did catch some. Most of the reports spoke of fog or mist, confirming my point of view for fogs and mists are a key event in the process too. It has long been known in Britain that fine weather continues through sea mists. And -oddly we get the same sort of thing inland too, fortunately as I now live in Stoke on Trent, several miles from the sea.

I meant to ask someone to capture the forecast as it appears online but like I said, I was drunk. It turns out that I had no more credit on my phone anyway, so it would have made no difference. It just means I will have to transcribe what I caught on tape if anyone wants to verify what can be verified.
And if I want to do the task. Which I probably will if I attempt to put together another piece on that bulletin. I will do another shipping forecast thread soon.

Things have changed with them somewhat since I last practised divining with them. But that my be because I now live inland. Even moving from one side of a slope to another will probably cause a significant difference. Even if the slope is only an English hill and several miles distant, at that!

It certainly affects the way that the weather behaves through its course over Britain from western Wales to eastern England. In that little distance there is a dramatic change in the scenery and another in the climate. Eastern England has much better weather than all points west. I think the geological or geographical term is “crown drying”.

The top of an hill will extract the last of the water from the base of a wind passing over it and it will be some distance eastwards before the current falls back to earth. When it does it will be a dyer warmer wind. Having come in off the Atlantic, the wind on western slopes is rich in moisture from top to toe. There is enough in it to continue on to Germany and Poland and in severe winters drop tons of snow on Swiss Alps.

But under the feet of the first passage, places like London escape or miss out on quite a lot of rain. Having said that, the region is a massive bog -or was. The Fens of Cambridgeshire are at the centre of a plain that reaches from the Humber to the Thames and beyond. All of it easily capable of feeding the rest of Britain.

That sounds daft doesn’t it?

We nearly lost two world wars because we couldn’t trade for food during them. And early in the 19th century there were plenty of penniless people starving to death here. But this is whilst the rich got fat. Churchill didn’t appear to lose much weight despite the strain of his position in either war, did he?

Nor did any of his peers at Parliament.

The fact is we all eat too much in Britain. It takes ten times more land to feed us meat as it does to feed us vegetables and we all eat too much meat. We all eat too much everything. But even if we ate more moderately we would still be making ourselves ill on proteins. Rich countries like ours are deathbeds for cancer patients and heart murmurers.

Do you know nobody who is suffering with heart disease or cancer?
A diet of much less protein would help them if not providing a cure.

We waste too much of our food growing it and transporting it. And when it gets to the supermarket we have lost about half of every item we produce. When we get it home we waste as much as ten per cent again, do we not?
And I am not even counting waste that would in more sensible times go to feed rabbits, chickens or pigs. So yes, the plains of eastern England could feed the nation. I am not saying they will, though they once did.

What we ought to do is barbecue all the politicians and bankers and see how many they can feed and multiplying that by one hundred will tell you how many could have been fed. There would be an added bonus besides the fact we would have got rid of the worst people in the world for draining the nation: We would have got rid of the worst food drains too.

I am not saying all the rich and powerful are wicked. But they are in it to win it. And nobody ever got rich by paying wages if he could get richer quicker by skinning all and sundry. That’s the way things are. It only gets worse in any regime.

Ah well, ‘twas ever thus.


One thought on “Draining the sea and the sky.

  1. It has been some time since followers of the creator have been permitted to use violence. There had been a time when god’s worship involved killing women and children. Seeing what has become of families in this day and age, even in …especially in, Christendom, one gets the impression He knew what he was doing.But violent insurgencies and the mortal destruction of those not conforming to god’s wishes has now ended as far as it involves the followers of god the creator’s son. Nothing much has changed elsewhere but that has nothing to do with the planet. People elsewhere have always been violent. But they have, generally, tended to look after the planet properly.It is in the heart of Christendom that violence has become so boundless that it is ruining the entire planet once again. And it is in the heart of Christendom that men and women are saying there is no god.Well maybe there isn’t. But who can point to a better way to bring up one’s family than with a religious fear of upsetting the maker of the universe?Whose children these days are people some of us would like to destroy?The way that youths behave in the absence of a father figure is responsible for the terrible situations that occur on the streets of the towns in Christendom.But who has caused violence to erupt elsewhere?There is nowhere in the world that isn’t touched by the theft and violence and outright senseless destruction that goes on in the streets of the whole world these days. Almost all of it initiated by countries whose leaders see themselves as Christian.And since such people are not afraid of killing men women and children, friends or strangers, who is holding them back from killing all they want to kill?Whatever it is. Animal, mineral or vegetable.And what is a Christian supposed to do about it. Obviously no follower of Christ is going to be killing people. Which of them is free to kill everything else?We all -or most of us all, eat meat. Some of us wouldn’t survive without it. Some of us couldn’t survive without it. But we tend to form communities where the animals we eat are respected and treated with humanity until they are killed. This is considered decent behaviour.Is it considered decent behaviour to eradicate all manner of species because such species intrudes on a farm?Would a Christian be allowed to eradicate all the bears and wolves in his neighbourhood?It is hard to imagine it but that is exactly what happened whenever a “Civilized” invasion took place. How the previous farmers managed didn’t matter. For Monoculturalism to thrive, these animals had to go. Following soon after them were the rest of the flora and fauna of a region.And the pay-back?Once a commodity becomes widespread among a community, the value of that commodity drops to subsistence prices. The farmer finds himself working for his financiers. It becomes a form of slavery.And then the weather changes. Periodically, on a multi-decade run, following the 4 or 5 year cycle of the planet, a great flood takes place or a great famine. Such weather we have “enjoyed” in 2013. Similarly but different, we had much the same in 2012.If we continue to get runs of bad weather at exactly the wrong time for it. The land will throw us out of it. It always does and it always has. When things get out of hand, the natural blocks to it continuing for long periods have been eradicated by poor farming methods. And moreover there is nothing in the farmer’s kitty to tide him over. His financiers have no foresight in helping him out, so the farm is closed for want of mortgage repayments.Then the banks fail. Soon the whole country is in a mess with neighbours robbing themselves to make ends meet. Then because neighbours have destituted themselves trying to make the old ways work, they can not help one another and whole communities die. Ghost towns, once thriving communities, become places where only the dead and dying stay.Soon towns become satellites for larger cities, which in their turn are useless at supporting viable communities; with the parents absent and the children running riot. Whole regions “not knowing the way out” continue a fraught existence while imagining that their way of life has no alternative.And for most, it hasn’t.It is hard to be neutral isn’t it. Feelings at wholesale destruction are bound to be hurt. And there seems to be no real cessation to it. Well the fact is that things are only going to get worse. The son of the god who made all things said that not a stick would remain of the creation god proced on this planet.He didn’t say anything about the kings and their acolytes that would do so much evil in his name but he did say that such times as we have now would if not stopped by divine intervention, would be the worst creation had ever seen. The alternative would be that no mortal thing could survive these times coming on us.I am not preaching about the “Second Coming” of Christ. I leave that to others. What I am afraid of is that anyone can be subverted into thinking that there is something from mankind that we can do to prevent it. Logic suggests there is nothing on earth we can do.Thinking about what all the the earth is designed to do in the event of abject mismanagement, is it not true that debasing god’s creation takes place simultaneously one with the other. That when the environment gets destroyed mankind self-destructs. If what I am saying is true then what I have said above will come to be. If I am wrong then we can deliver ourselves. But which of the many agencies working on disaster mitigation has ever learned by its mistakes?Do you think they will one day find the answers?What good it is to teach how these things take place?We are doomed, are we not?Still it is nice to know that no matter how helpless we are there is a superior power somewhere that is willing to step in on our behalf. In one way or another everyone believes that something or someone will step in for them and sort out their problems. It is part of human nature. When Jesus was telling us that these terrible days would arrive on us, he also warned about being mislead by false salvationists -imitation Messiahs and the like. Not just one of them; an unholy sea of them.Be on your guard, both for the inevitable and for the eventual.

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