Tropical Storms and the North Atlantic

14 September 2013 there were 5 tropical storms one of which was an hurricane.
15 September 2013 there were 4 tropical storms one of which was an hurricane.

Only one cyclone from Iceland, on. …

Several times I have posted that there is always a cyclone in the North Atlantic hovering over or close to Britain, with every tropical storm, no matter which ocean or part of ocean the storm is in. Today's events clear up that ther eis only one cyclone for however many tropical storms there are. Something I didn't even consider making clear in previous threads.

The recent behaviour of cyclones in the North Atlantic has been unusual, or uncommon. There have been multi-point or focii centres to cyclones in the North Atlantic. Sometimes the storms would reverse course to and head back to Iceland or go up the Norwegian Sea and off the chart.

That phenomena is related to anticyclonic weather. There is also a factor that I am sure relates to volcanic activity. Not something I am certain of. It's just an opinion.

Having so many tropical storms going at the same time is unusual. Also there has been extremely heavy rainfall over Colorado, USA, forcing people to leave their homes. This is very odd for mountain regions but of course mountains channel rainfall into narrow, steeps valleys. And people tend to build on land that is flat and relatively low lying. Moreover unscrupulous builders make use of land too near rivers.

I can't say I know that has happened there but it happens everywhere, all the time. There is nobody policing the people who should be policing them!

2 thoughts on “Tropical Storms and the North Atlantic

  1. Talking about weather patterns reversing:A small cyclone erupted out of a large one between Africa and Australia the other day. Now on the BoM charts it appears to be bending stuff out of Australia the wrong way.Actually the cyclone fades today and the precipitate going to where it was doesn't start flowing the wrong way until it has long gone.But all Monday through to Friday everything coming down from Australia turns towards the east (to Africa.) The normal flow it to the west towards South America. Just another little anomaly.

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