The Gimp

A freebie with Linux but you can use it in Windows too. …

The trick to making animations in Gimp is to change the default setting. First, to stat with for all animations:

> Open as layers

> Choose charts

> Save as a GIF file the default will be the name of one of the files opened and the format will be that of the charts. So adjust the name and change the file extension to .gif

> When you save it as a gif file, the programme should open a box allowing you to make adjustments to their default settings.

> First of all, choose to save it as an animation this will open up some grey areas.

> Next you want to adjust the timing of the display. You want a new chart every 2 seconds or 2000 milliseconds. Any less is uncomfortable. Maybe if you want to understand a situation, 2 seconds is a little quick. Ask me if that is the case with stuff on my blog and I will send you the original.

> The other major change you MUST do is make the sequence replace one chart with another and do so in the order you require. Failure to do this will make the charts mount up on top of one another and change the colouring to crap.

> Check that I haven’t forgotten to tell you something, then:

> Export.

> Close the saved charts and close Gimp (or open a fresh set of charts.) The animation will have been saved or, rather exported to the place you got your files from. The application is still waiting for you to save it. (Dumb computer software.)

> Post to blog. > Voila.

My thanks to Qlue (a blogger on here) who gave me the original advice about posting animations.

If you still can’t get it, there are plenty of sites online that will allow you to post your graphics to their servers and they will create a Power Point animation for you to save to your computer or post on to wherever.

Glickr is one such website. However you are limited to the quantity of pictures you can use per animation.


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