The next big thing.

A look at the charts for Thursday or Friday 3-4 October, 2013.
New Moon: 5 October 2013 at: 00:35. …

All I have to go on here is the charts from the last few days. Here they are with what I can account for beside them.

From Saturday the 28 September 2013:

The North Atlantic chart starts off with what they call a complex Low.
It quickly tuns into a large cyclone on the 29th, swamping all other Lows. But the interesting bit is that it is full of mice. Lilac or pink Occluded Fronts.

These ALWAYS forecast large earthquakes. But we already had them, so no secrets there. The other thing that such a forecasts tells us is that there will be more Tropical Storms. (And so it has proven.)

The Southern Hemisphere. No fronts on these, they are purely for decoration. Which (as it happens is coincidental for they are gems.) The main point seen on this set is that the huge complex Lows that start the run off change to smaller individual centres by the 2nd October (T+96 on.)

North America. No more triple Lows across this series. (Unless you count 30 September and 1 October.) There are other similar set ups. But you can see those for yourselves.

Stupidly I neglected to get a better picture of the storms of the 28th. Suffice to say Wutip was an hurricane force Cat 1 typhoon. There were some nasty floods elsewhere too:

Friday, September 27, 2013
Cambodia flooding kills 23

Flooding in Cambodia has claimed lives of at least 23 people in the last two weeks, National Committee for Disaster Management (NCDM) said today. Cambodia flooding has affected around 56,900 families in seven different provinces. Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen has advised concerned ministries and authorities to be on high alert and prepare to evacuate people. Low pressure system and Wutip typhoon have been causing heavy…

Tuesday, September 24, 2013
24 killed in flash floods in Vietnam

Recent flash floods in Vietnam have claimed lives of at least 24 people and injured six others. Fatalities are from Dak Lak, Ha Tinh, Nghe An, Quang Nam, and Quang Tri Provinces of Vietnam. Following Center for Flood and Storm Control in central Vietnam, storm has destroyed thousands of houses and 2,491 hectares of rice. Original post: Natural Disasters List September 24, 20…

Does the set up look like 3 in a row to you?
More to come then. Something called convergence if I am not mistaken.


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  1. I have included all the quakes of 5 or over in the following list from the 18th as there was a series of large earthquakes in them that I had assumed was going to be a volcanic eruption. (I am not perfect yet.)From the full moon on the 19th the spells ran thus:19 Sept 11:13 27 Sept 03:56 5 Oct 00:35Unfortunately the order of the quakes starts with latest first:1st 03:38:21 6.7 M Sea of Okhotsk03:38:20 6.7 Mb Sea of Okhotsk 30th 22:41:03 5.4 Mb TONGA12:25:22 5.4 Mw NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G08:16:09 5.8 M Northern Mid-Atlantic Rid06:02:54 6.2 Mb North Pacific Ocean05:55:55 6.5 M Kermadec Islands, New Zea 29th 23:23:18 5.2 Mb BIO-BIO, CHILE23:07:01 5.2 Mb BIO-BIO, CHILE17:39:16 5.1 Mb SOUTHEAST INDIAN RIDGE13:32:38 5.8 Mb Sea of Okhotsk13:31:33 5.6 Mb KURIL ISLANDS08:56:01 5.0 Mb BOUGAINVILLE REGION, P.N. 28th 11:13:46 5.7 Mb Tonga Islands07:34:07 6.8 M Pakistan02:39:46 5.1 Mb EAST OF SOUTH SANDWICH IS 27th 21:52:50 5.1 Mb SOLOMON ISLANDS08:03:24 5.2 Mb LUZON, PHILIPPINES 26th 06:46:03 5.7 M Near coast of Chiapas, Me01:18:54 5.4 Mb REYKJANES RIDGE 25th 16:43:22 6.1 Mb northern Bolivia16:42:42 7.0 M Near coast of Peru16:42:41 7.2 Ms Near coast of Peru13:58:20 5.4 Mw NEAR ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS13:14:42 5.2 Mb ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE06:51:27 5.4 Mb SOUTHERN EAST PACIFIC RIS 24th 23:38:26 5.5 M SOUTH OF TONGA17:20:15 5.5 M PAKISTAN15:39:32 5.1 Mb NORTHEASTERN SAKHA, RUSSI14:08:35 5.2 Mb PAKISTAN14:07:45 5.1 Mb BONIN ISLANDS, JAPAN REGI13:01:54 5.6 Mb SOUTHWESTERN PAKISTAN13:01:41 5.6 M PAKISTAN12:42:23 5.0 Mb PAKISTAN11:36:31 5.9 M PAKISTAN11:29:47 7.7 M Pakistan07:22:53 5.6 M CARLSBERG RIDGE 23rd 17:28:08 5.4 Mw NEW IRELAND REGION, P.N.G16:40:30 5.0 Mb BONIN ISLANDS, JAPAN REGI15:12:56 5.1 Mb SOUTH OF LOMBOK, INDONESI14:12:18 5.1 Mb NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G 22nd 19:30:34 5.1 Mb GUAM REGION05:28:09 5.0 Mb Carlsberg Ridge05:27:56 4.8 Mb CARLSBERG RIDGE 21st 22:58:25 5.1 Mb NEAR ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS16:56:13 6.0 M North Pacific Ocean16:48:59 5.6 M SOUTH OF KERMADEC ISLANDS13:16:29 5.2 M Wyoming12:16:13 5.3 Mb CHIHUAHUA, MEXICO06:43:08 5.2 M South Sandwich Islands Re01:39:14 6.1 M FLORES SEA20th 20:16:46 5.0 Mb RAT ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISL15:08:43 5.4 Mb MOLUCCA SEA12:24:47 5.7 M MYANMAR06:50:27 5.0 Mb KYUSHU, JAPAN 19th 21:37:07 5.3 Mb NORTHERN QINGHAI, CHINA17:25:10 5.3 Mb EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN 18th 20:53:36 5.4 Mb NEAR N COAST OF NEW GUINE16:48:54 5.5 M Mariana Islands09:04:27 5.0 Mb ERITREA00:27:48 5.1 Mb NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHUNot a lot was happening at the start of all this. Earthquakes of 5 to 6 are considered medium sized. However I think all mag six quakes and up are quite dangerous enough.

  2. They keep giving the times of earthquakes in split seconds. But an earthquake can last a minute or more. One of the ways of quantifying large ones is the length of he shaking as much as the amount of the shake.It is the overall energy they count but you don't get told that when you are led to believe it was all done and dusted in so many minutes, so many seconds and so many moments. (A moment is 1/60th of a second.)("Won't be a moment." does not apply to real time/physics when she is trying to decide on which pair of shoes to wear.)

  3. So now we can start:29 September 2013.Things remain the same until 2 October (that's today -the time of this post.) The fronts give way to a new set-up. This is where we left it yesterday:6.7 M. Sea of Okhotsk6.7 Mb. Sea of OkhotskPairs of adjacent quakes like this usually signal that a storm has died. So does wet weather in my part of the world. (Not so ALL of Britain -just so you know.) I had to say that because it didn't rain in some parts of Britain last night. Here, of course, it gushed down.We should have got something out of this; a low Mag 7, say:2nd 5.4 Mb NEAR N COAST OF PAPUA, IN4.6 M Fiji Islands Region4.5 M Near Coast of Nicaragua4.5 M Banda Sea5.8 M Owen Fracture Zone region5.2 Mb GALAPAGOS ISLANDS, ECUADO4.5 Mb MINDORO, PHILIPPINES 1st 5.2 Mb REYKJANES RIDGE4.7 M Cook Strait, New Zealand4.7 M New Ireland Region, P.N.G4.5 Mb East of Kuril Islands4.8 Mb NORTH INDIAN OCEAN4.8 Mb TARAPACA, CHILEOh well…Nothing much happening on here as far as I can tell. All the precipitate entering the charts does so at very obtuse angles, almost tangential. I don't know what that means.Still plenty of action on here though. All no greater than in the region of Magnitude 6 or so. I'm not sure where the cut-off point is with medium sized quakes. Mag 6.5?

  4. 1 October 2013.Something funny has to happen shortly. The first of October and that cyclone won't go away.I am going to be annoyed when I realise what this is up to and I never noticed!It beats me. What is going on here?

  5. 30 September 2013.It looks to me that the North Atlantic can't make up its mind. The cyclone is definitely on the wane. But those lilac mice just won't go away. See if you can tell which day the fronts break up.None of the cyclones on here want to come into land. The outer isobars all look like massive storm activity. Apart from that. Well storms are the worst. Much worse than earthquakes or volcanoes.And now we have signals for volcanoes again -only it was earthquakes last time.

  6. 2 October 2013.This is the last day of that large cyclone off Europe. The occlusions have not dispersed though, so whatever it is is still there. But the signal isn't clear to me.The cyclones get fairly deep and black but don't go ashore. If it were to signal tornadoes I would say they would hit the shore but bounce off intact but faded. I am not experienced enough with them to be sure.The band of isobars that wraps around each cyclone is 6 or 7 lines thick. They are spaced in 4 millibar intervals and such a thickness (1016 to 982 mb = 24 millibars) means a lot of tropical storms.There are plenty of triple Lows in the above sequence. I should say the signal in them is enigmatic to say the least. There was a medium sized quake in the Norwegian Sea. That indicates some volcanic activity but I suppose it must have been lost at sea.My word against nobody's.Nobody wins!

  7. To show you how ephemeral these things are, look at the Low that develops in the Norwegian Sea. It can just about be glimpsed in the first set of charts in the series but the weather system involved is an anticyclone or High.The location on the North Atlantic chart is the same as the location of the epicentre:2013/09/30 @ 08:16. 49.5 North 28.5 West. 5.8 M. Northern Mid-Atlantic RidgeOn 2013/10/01 @ 19:41 in almost the same place: 55.8 North 34.7 West. 5.2 Mb. Reykjanes Ridge.The 6.3 by 6.2 degrees difference in locations may sound a lot. And it is if you had to swim it. But when you consider the distances covered by a cyclone and the even larger ones covered by an anticyclone; guessing the region accurately will have to wait for a better man than me.

  8. 3 October 2013.The weather breaks in the North Atlantic as I said but it doesn't stay broken for long. We have had some heavy rain with flooding in Ireland. Nothing compared to what other countries have been suffering earlier in the week. But when the cyclones break up the way they do on here usually means an anticyclone is due. We have had misty weather which goes along with the same but not the anticyclone. There isn't much to see on here apart from tropical storm signals, that is.Edit:I never saw this until the 4th. I should have looked last night when I read about the storm in Galway Ireland being a tornado.

  9. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    None of the cyclones on here want to come into land. The outer isobars all look like massive storm activity. Apart from that. Well storms are the worst. Much worse than earthquakes or volcanoes.

    The post with the charts for the 3 October is missing some text under the NA EFS animation. I did write some but couldn't remember what, and I didn't think it mattered all that much, except that it annoyed me.I remember commenting that I thought it still said volcanic activity but the weather wasn't cold enough.This morning about 5 am (having had to get up earlier with a leg cramp) I found this news item:Originally posted by Argus

    A storm producing heavy snow out west, hail and rain in the east and possible tornadoes in Iowa and Minnesota will move through the region on Friday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service.Philip Schumacher, meteorologist with the NWS in Sioux Falls, said tornadoes are possible east of Sioux Falls south of Interstate 90 in Minnesota and Iowa. In the Sioux Falls area, hail up to golf-ball sized could fall, he said. Lightning will also be prevalent in these storms.That threat will fall west and north of Sioux Falls, he said, with the Mitchell and the Watertown area mainly receiving rain and wind, he said. The most significant threat of storms is from a line along and southeast of Vermillion to Jackson, Minn."If people are planning to be outside in the afternoon or evening, they will definitely want to be aware of the weather," he said.The Black Hills is under a winter storm warning through early Saturday. Heavier amounts of 21 inches or more are forecast for the higher elevations west of Rapid City, which could see a foot or more. Pierre could pick up a couple of inches.The Department of Public Safety is advising caution for drivers West River when traveling during the storm from early Friday until Saturday.'s been Friday here for over 5 hours now. It will be Friday over the Mississippi in a few minutes. California is 8 hours behind GMT. I don't now if they adjust for summer time but we do. So I will have to rely on this site to gauge when the weather forecast will bring potential eruption to god knows where:

  10. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    I don't now if they adjust for summer time but we do.

    How about that; it shifts everything 2 time zones. What a greedy way to run a planet.

  11. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    There isn't much to see on here apart from tropical storm signals.

    Look for the 1016 mllibars isobar just off south east Africa. There are thick black lines either side of it. One around the High west of Africa and one further in towards Antarctica.The inner thick line from the 1016 millibar line goes all around the continent.‚Äč It tucks in between the Lows then runs around each one making a fairly smooth parallel set.The isobars are 4 millibars of pressure apart. The thicker lines appear every four isobars or 4 x 4 mb apart.

  12. There isn't all that much going on today:But there is a lot GOING to go on. I ought to have picked a more active day to show you all this.

  13. Originally posted by Weatherlawyer:

    I never saw this until the 4th. I should have looked last night when I read about the storm in Galway Ireland being a tornado.

    It wasn't a particularly nasty situation. Those caught up in it would disagree of course but it hasn't taken any lives.The dates on these NWS charts always confuse me. There was no signal for them from the MetO charts (as you can see in the previous posts above) but there was plenty (and more) in the OPC charts:An animation of the first 4 days1st. Look for weather systems (H or Ls leaving North America.)2ns. There is an High leaving Cape Haterras region and an huge Low leaving Newfoundland.3rd. It should be clearer on this.And finally 4th. The signal isn't a signal if it arrives late. Were we supposed to be able to deal with all of this in the time we live in now, only we were too busy being beastly and by no means scholarly?

  14. 06:45 British Summer Time. Sunday morning 2013. Twilight and not a cloud in the sky; it has been raining on and off all week. But it is a new day, a new week and a new spell.27th September the spell for this event started with the time of the lunar phase at 03:56.A phase at or near 4 o'clock is pretty certain to be interesting seismically as well as meteorologically, as it can give vent to fairly large convergencies.Yesterday saw the end of the bad weather; rather late in the day considering the time of the phase:5 October: 00:35. At just after 12 o'clock this is almost certainly a volcanic spell if there is going to be one.And with the following phase:11 October: 23:02 we have a series of potentially very interesting blocking Highs likely. We could have begun them in September as the time is near enough to 5 to fall that was but 4 is also near 3 and it went to thundery, instead.But that was then. This is now:Originally posted by

    Sakurajima (Kyushu, Japan): A moderately large explosion occurred this morning at 12:03 local time, possibly generating a pyroclastic flow to the SW side of the Showa crater. An ash plume rose to 13,000 ft (4 km) altitude and drifted over the southern part of Kagoshima city, where ash fall occurred.A similar explosion had already occurred the night before (at 04:33 local time.) key ingredients were missing from the spell overall but by and large, I consider that I got an hit on this one.

  15. From the same site:

    Thursday, Sep 26, 2013:Telica volcano (Nicaragua): new eruptionA new eruption occurred yesterday morning at the volcano (at 12:50 GMT). A moderate ash explosion took place at the summit crater and produced an ash plume about 1-1.5 km high.Monday, Aug 05, 2013:Telica volcano (Nicaragua) activity updateSeismic activity with frequent volcanic-tectonic quakes remains above background. A series of small earthquakes with magnitudes up to about 2 has been occurring recently directly under the volcano. is a seismic chart from the volcano on there too.

  16. I'd given up on this thread. It is badly written and though essentially correct, I lacked confidence in myself. I should have had more faith in god but whatever the case, here we are with a result.Yes I am back "like a bawss" as the current idiom goes.I started this thread on the 1st October 2013 after seeing this set of charts:I then ran a recap without explanation of what I was doing. The lunar spell started on the 27th September and ended on the 5th. But a volcanic spell has a much much longer sequence that a simple weather spell. Much longer that I can guess at the moment. A series of earthquakes can run out in a day or less but the sequence of quakes from a large magnitude one to the next set off large magnitude ones can be over a month.Volcanoes are said to go extinct and I don't believe a simple spell can awaken them like Sleeping Beauty (a European fairy-tale and pantomime.) but vents that are active or have been active within recent memory can reactivate over a period of a few months too, similar in characteristics to large quakes (low VEI eruptions) and megaquakes (large VEI eruptions.)Al that is required is the correct sequence of wet spells. Perhaps it follows a sequence of drought that may open the chambers below the vent, cracking the seals on the quartz dykes with a large or large medium quake.Then comes the rain, the aquifers fill and nature takes its course.I doubt the engineering is designed to kill, it has after all been scheduled for a time when the paradise that was Eden would have been extended to all athe places where man can live on this planet.We should all be living in lands of plenty by now, and in such productive lands volcanoes wouldn't be such dreadful phenomena.I don't think the reasoning is unsound. We live on a planet that is two thirds water. That wouldn't be so bad but the oceans have at their hearts enormous deserts much greater than the mere Sahara.They are filled with our refuse at the moment. Deadly plagues of plastic and flotsam circulate in huge gyres. Probably adding to the world's heat budget imbalance by transforming crystal clear brine into a filthy soup of floating sludge.We have destroyed our forests not extended them to the mountain tops. Those that were farmed by "uncivilised natives" were prone to fires and all sorts of evil political and financial corruption. And so it is that spells designed to gently increase the surface area of land for the creation of yet more perfect parks and game preserves are killing us.

  17. So now we need to look for repeating swarms. None so far. Some swarms but none noticeably repetitious:2013/10/08 West of Macquarie Island 5.8 M KYUSHU, JAPAN 4.8 Mb CENTRAL EAST PACIFIC RISE 4.6 Mb MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES 4.9 Mb BANDA SEA 4.6 Mb BANDA SEA 4.6 Mb SOUTHERN IRAN 4.8 ML OFF EAST COAST OF UNITED 4.5 Mb North Pacific Ocean 6.1 M NORWEGIAN SEA 4.5 Mb FIJI REGION 4.7 Mb2013/10/07 MAUG ISLANDS REG, N. MARI 4.7 Mb Afghanistan-Tajikistan Bo 4.3 M SICHUAN-YUNNAN BORDER REG 4.7 Mb D'ENTRECASTEAUX ISLANDS R 4.6 Mb WESTERN HONSHU, JAPAN 4.3 Mb D'ENTRECASTEAUX ISLANDS R 5.2 Mb OFF EAST COAST OF HONSHU, 4.5 Mb MINDANAO, PHILIPPINES 4.6 Mb CENTRAL PERU 4.4 Mb TIMOR SEA 4.4 Mb Off Coast of Northern Chi 4.2 M TONGA 4.6 Mb NEAR COAST OF NICARAGUA 4.2 Mb2013/10/06 SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS 4.9 Mb West Chile Rise 6.2 M VANUATU 4.9 Mb SOUTHERN XINJIANG, CHINA 4.5 Mb WEST OF MACQUARIE ISLAND 4.6 Mb South of Mariana Islands 6.0 M WEST CHILE RISE 4.6 Mb GUERRERO, MEXICO 4.2 Mb GUERRERO, MEXICO 4.9 Mb Guerrero, Mexico 4.7 M OFFSHORE GUERRERO, MEXICO 4.3 Mb SOUTHERN PERU 5.1 ML KEPULAUAN BARAT DAYA, IND 4.2 Mb EASTERN KAZAKHSTAN 4.1 Mb ANDAMAN ISLANDS, INDIA RE 4.6 Mb KEPULAUAN TALAUD, INDONES 4.5 Mb ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE 4.4 Mb ROMANIA 5.3 Mb2013/10/05 VANUATU 4.6 Mb KEP. 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MENTAWAI REGION, IND 4.6 Mb Spain 4.2 M Spain 4.4 M BANDA SEA 4.6 Mb BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO 4.3 Mb SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS RE 4.8 Mb MOLUCCA SEA 4.6 Mb Near east coast of Kamc 4.4 Mb OFFSHORE COLIMA, MEXICO 4.3 Mb BANDA SEA 4.7 Mb PUERTO RICO REGION 4.6 Mb ZAMBIA 4.5 Mb NEAR N COAST OF PAPUA, IN 5.4 Mb Fiji Islands Region 4.6 M Near Coast of Nicaragua 4.5 M Banda Sea 4.5 M Owen Fracture Zone region 5.8 M GALAPAGOS ISLANDS, ECUADO 5.2 Mb MINDORO, PHILIPPINES 4.5 Mb2013/10/01 REYKJANES RIDGE 5.2 Mb Cook Strait, New Zealand 4.7 M New Ireland Region, P.N.G 4.7 M East of Kuril Islands 4.5 Mb NORTH INDIAN OCEAN 4.8 Mb TARAPACA, CHILE 4.8 Mb Sea of Okhotsk 6.7 M Sea of Okhotsk 6.7 Mb Spain 4.4 M2013/09/30 SOUTHERN IRAN 4.2 ML VERACRUZ, MEXICO 4.4 Mb TONGA 5.4 Mb Fiji Islands Region 4.7 M Near Coast of Chiapas, Me 4.3 M Southern Peru 4.4 M NEAR EAST COAST OF HONSHU 4.9 Mb OWEN FRACTURE ZONE REGION 4.8 Mb NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G 5.4 Mw SULAWESI, INDONESIA 4.5 Mb FIJI REGION 4.7 Mb Northern Mid-Atlantic Rid 5.8 M North Pacific Ocean 6.2 Mb Kermadec Islands, New Zea 6.5 M SOUTHEASTERN IRAN 4.5 Mb Spain 4.1 M BIO-BIO, CHILE 4.8 ML EASTERN SEA OF JAPAN 4.8 Mb2013/09/29 BIO-BIO, CHILE 5.2 Mb Eastern Siberia, Russia 4.1 Mb BIO-BIO, CHILE 5.2 Mb NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONES 4.6 Mb Romania 4.0 M SOUTHEAST INDIAN RIDGE 5.1 Mb SOUTH OF FIJI ISLANDS 4.9 Mb TAJIKISTAN 4.7 Mb EAST OF KURIL ISLANDS 4.5 Mb Sea of Okhotsk 5.8 Mb KURIL ISLANDS 5.6 Mb MAULE, CHILE 4.7 Mb ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE 4.2 ML LAKE BAYKAL REGION, RUSSI 4.5 Mb BOUGAINVILLE REGION, P.N. 5.0 Mb SOUTHERN MID-ATLANTIC RID 4.9 Mb Hokkaido, Japan region 4.0 Mb BANDA SEA 4.6 Mb BANDA SEA 4.5 Mb SULAWESI, INDONESIA 4.7 Mb HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHAN 4.6 Mb2013/09/28 KEPULAUAN BARAT DAYA, IND 4.5 Mb BANDA SEA 4.8 Mb NEAR EAST COAST OF KAMCHA 4.8 Mb Southwestern Pakistan 4.6 M SOUTHERN SUMATRA, INDONES 4.7 Mb SOUTH OF PANAMA 4.7 Mb Jujuy Province, Argentina 4.3 M LAPTEV SEA 4.6 Mb Tonga Islands 5.7 Mb Arabian Sea 4.5 Mb Pakistan 6.8 M EAST OF SOUTH SANDWICH IS 5.1 Mb2013/09/27 SOLOMON ISLANDS 5.1 Mb KYUSHU, JAPAN 4.7 Mb PRIMOR'YE, RUSSIA 4.6 Mb PAKISTAN 4.9 Mb PAPUA, INDONESIA 4.7 Mb NEAR N COAST OF PAPUA, IN 4.6 Mb TONGA 4.9 Mb POTOSI, BOLIVIA 4.6 Mb Kuril Islands 4.3 Mb TURKEY-IRAN-IRAQ BORDER R 4.6 ML LUZON, PHILIPPINES 5.2 Mb SOUTHWESTERN PAKISTAN 4.8 Mb IZU ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION 4.7 Mb SOUTH SANDWICH ISLANDS RE 4.8 Mb2013/09/26 NIAS REGION, INDONESIA 4.8 Mb TARAPACA, CHILE 4.2 ML NIAS REGION, INDONESIA 4.7 Mb Northern Peru 4.8 M FIJI REGION 4.6 Mb Near coast of Chiapas, Me 5.7 M REYKJANES RIDGE 4.8 Mb REYKJANES RIDGE 5.4 Mb KEPULAUAN BARAT DAYA, IND 4.4 Mb2013/09/25 ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE 4.4 ML NEW IRELAND REGION, P.N.G 4.8 Mb Bonin Islands, Japan re 4.8 Mb northern Bolivia 6.1 Mb Near coast of Peru 7.0 M Near coast of Peru 7.2 Ms NEAR ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS 5.4 Mw ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE 5.2 Mb BOUGAINVILLE REGION, P.N. 4.8 Mb Chile-Bolivia Border Regi 4.3 M SOUTHERN EAST PACIFIC RIS 4.7 Mb SOUTHERN EAST PACIFIC RIS 5.4 Mb HINDU KUSH REGION, AFGHAN 4.7 Mb FIJI REGION 4.5 Mb SANTA CRUZ ISLANDS REGION 4.7 Mb2013/09/24 SOUTH OF TONGA 5.5 M NORTH OF HALMAHERA, INDON 4.9 Mb PAKISTAN 4.8 Mb PAKISTAN 4.9 Mb PAKISTAN 4.7 Mb Northern Chile 4.3 M PAKISTAN 4.3 Mb PAKISTAN 5.5 M NORTHEASTERN SAKHA, RUSSI 5.1 Mb PAKISTAN 4.9 Mb OFFSHORE VALPARAISO, CHIL 4.6 ML PAKISTAN 5.2 Mb BONIN ISLANDS, JAPAN REGI 5.1 Mb IZU ISLANDS, JAPAN REGION 4.8 Mb SOUTHWESTERN PAKISTAN 5.6 Mb Pakistan 5.6 Mb PAKISTAN 5.0 Mb PAKISTAN 4.7 Mb PAKISTAN 5.9 M Pakistan 7.7 M CARLSBERG RIDGE 5.6 M PANAMA-COSTA RICA BORDER 4.6 Mb CENTRAL KAZAKHSTAN 4.2 Mb Spain 4.0 M2013/09/23 TURKMENISTAN 4.1 ML Kuril Islands 4.0 Mb New Britain Region, P.N.G 4.9 M NEW IRELAND REGION, P.N.G 5.4 Mw BONIN ISLANDS, JAPAN REGI 5.0 Mb Kazakhstan-Xinjiang bor 4.0 Mb SOUTH OF LOMBOK, INDONESI 5.1 Mb NEW BRITAIN REGION, P.N.G 5.1 Mb EASTERN NEW GUINEA REG., 4.9 Mb Java, Indonesia 4.4 M OFFSHORE VALPARAISO, CHIL 4.3 ML MOLUCCA SEA 4.9 Mb NEAR S. COAST OF HONSHU, 4.2 Mb ECUADOR 4.6 Mb Near Coast of Peru 4.7 M WESTERN IRAN 4.3 ML2013/09/22 KURIL ISLANDS 4.5 Mb Off east coast of Kamch 4.0 Mb VANUATU 4.6 Mb GUAM REGION 5.1 Mb ALASKA PENINSULA 4.7 Mb BANDA SEA 4.6 Mb GUAM REGION 4.8 Mb Buru, Indonesia 4.5 M BURU, INDONESIA 4.7 Mb OFF COAST OF COSTA RICA 4.6 Mb Southern Sumatra, Indones 4.2 M OFF COAST OF NORTHERN PER 4.8 Mb NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONES 4.8 Mb NICARAGUA 4.4 Mb Carlsberg Ridge 5.0 Mb CARLSBERG RIDGE 4.8 Mb2013/09/21 NEAR ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN IS 5.1 Mb KYUSHU, JAPAN 4.0 Mb JUJUY, ARGENTINA 4.4 Mb North Pacific Ocean 6.0 M SOUTH OF KERMADEC ISLANDS 5.6 M NEAR S. COAST OF WESTERN 4.2 Mb Wyoming 5.2 M CHIHUAHUA, MEXICO 4.8 Mb CHIHUAHUA, MEXICO 5.3 Mb ORURO, BOLIVIA 4.7 ML NEAR EAST COAST OF KAMCHA 4.9 Mb South Sandwich Islands Re 5.2 M Minahassa Peninsula, Sula 4.5 M EASTERN TURKEY 4.3 Mb Russia-Mongolia border 4.0 Mb FLORES SEA 6.1 M2013/09/20 Mariana Islands 4.3 M Halmahera, Indonesia 4.2 M RAT ISLANDS, ALEUTIAN ISL 5.0 Mb MAUG ISLANDS REG, N. MARI 4.8 Mb KYRGYZSTAN 4.8 Mb MOLUCCA SEA 5.4 Mb Southern Sumatra, Indones 4.6 M Minahassa Peninsula, Sula 4.2 M MYANMAR 5.7 M MYANMAR 4.9 Mb KYUSHU, JAPAN 5.0 Mb Java, Indonesia 4.5 M Austria 4.3 ML Greece 4.4 M FIJI REGION 4.7 Mb VERACRUZ, MEXICO 4.3 Mb NORTHWEST OF KURIL ISLAND 4.4 Mb2013/09/19 NORTHERN QINGHAI, CHINA 5.3 Mb ANTOFAGASTA, CHILE 4.6 ML ANDREANOF ISLANDS, ALEUTI 4.2 ML EASTERN HONSHU, JAPAN 5.3 Mb Tonga Islands 4.6 M CELEBES SEA 4.5 Mb

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