Active Volcanoes

I am not sure that this will work. It is supposed to show the latest volcanic activity as a wudget in your web page. …

<script type=”text/javascript”>function switchFrame(a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h){var i=document.getElementById(“VW_mCont”);var j=document.getElementById(“VW_mSwitch”).firstChild;if(j.nodeValue==c){j.nodeValue=d}else{j.nodeValue=c}var k=i.parentNode.getAttribute(“id”);if(k==a){var l=b}else{var l=a}var m=i.parentNode;var n=document.getElementById(l);n.appendChild(i);”none”;””;if(l==a){;;;””}else{”80%”;”80%”;”auto”;”20px”}window.location.hash=”VW_mCont”}</script>


2 thoughts on “Active Volcanoes

  1. No, it doesn't work over here..I've try it as well in The Lunatic's.. with the same result. We would need to manipulate that code first.. To use a different. Um.. Someting different must be used to show that gizmo in our pages.

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