Australian southern hemisphere forecast 2 February 2014

Australian southern hemisphere forecast 2 February 2014

I have saved these Gimp animations with too much delay. However since I already know how to use them and what too look for, that is to be expected. If you are studying them for the first time this might be an ideal rate. Tell me if this is not so.

The injection of Blue/green from the longitudes 160 to 140 west splits the South Pacific High; something easy to do considering the size of the ocean for various reasons. But look at the jet from Africa in the first chart.

This joins the middle of the three large cyclones in the region and it grows large enough to merge with the one following it. Lows will join each other as will highs join highs but there is something unexpected or illogical with the behaviour of Highs and Lows when and where they meet.

They behave similarly to “Like” poles in magnets. And never the twain shall meet. Anticyclones are made up of falling cold air. As it falls it compresses and heats up. Cyclones are made of rising air, as it rises it cools down. So why don’t they mix and disperse?
When cold falling air is prevented from falling to the surface, fogs occur. That’s just a name for very low cloud. Thus cold air is prevented from falling at all levels producing the various different clouds.
Presumably the same holds true in some way, for warm air rising. I can’t say why but it is a truism that fogs in Britain occur at the same time as tropical storm either side of the Equator.

In Britain or more exactly Off Britain in the weather charts fo the North Atlantic, the region becomes covered by a huge blocked Low whenever there is a tropical storm. The degree of one equals the degree of the other. Deep lows equal deep lows.
In this set of charts you can see that the Anticyclones are forced though the gap bewteen the cyclones and the continents of Australia and Africa.
Yet directly afterwards the same Highs control where and how precipitate leaves their respective land masses to join the cyclones circulating around Antarctica.

This occurs because of something that has yet to be fully explained. Air can not control itself let alone have a knock-on effect on other air masses. Weather can not cause weather.
And something that keeps highs and lows apart also controls other aspects of the weather.


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