Australian southern hemisphere forecast 5 February 2014

Australian southern hemisphere forecast 5 February 2014

At T+60 at 60 E. a jet of precipitate (blue/green) from a tropical storm off Madagascar runs to trough from a cyclone on the coast of Antarctica at 20 degrees E.
At T+60 this precipitate is cut off by the anticyclone in the Indian subtropics.
At T+66 it comes in again from the other side and runs around the anticyclone into the Low. This is misture from the same storm but that has had to go over Africa to get there.

When another cyclone revolving araound Antactica presents itself off Africa the moisture tracks to that. It drives in unimpeded and is immediately followed by the original tropical storm itself.

Meanwhile precipitate from South America and from the South Pacific has reached the inner sanctum off Antarctica and built in a pair of large blocking Lows. These disperse to form parallel bands of isobars reaching from 140 to 100 west and from 50 west to 10 east at T+72 hours.

They are short lived storms that are due to become something else over ther next few days.


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