Australian southern hemisphere forecast 6 February 2014

Australian southern hemisphere forecast 6 February 2014

A jet of precipitation that runs perpendicular straight to Antarctica’s coast and then dissipates immediately, usually means that a significant earthquake is about to occur. It occurs with the jet from Africa at T+42. By T+060 it is a tight little black disc that dissipates at T+078. But almost nothing occurs for a day or so.
Then another tight little black disc forms just shy of the 140 east longitude, on the coast of Antarctica. This one defies accepted meteorological behaviour. (But that’s OK, it’s only a poorly data’d model run and quite far out at that.)

But… look at chart number T+114.
The low begins to run backwards and ends up dissipated at 120 east (on chart T+138.) At about this time, exactly the same phenomena occurs on the British forecasts for sea level pressures in the North Atlantic. I can’t remember but I think both meteorological offices use the same model runs
to prepare their charts. (You can look it up on the Australian website: So although they come from different agencies and run on data from different parts of the world, they make the same “mistakes”.
The “butterflies” are of the same species.


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