16 February 2014.

16 February 2014.

This is the United States Unified Analysis model chrtfor the tornado spell about to hit.

I often get difficulties telling a significant tornado spell from a major earthquake. But when the weather changes radically and there is no significant earthquake to show for iy, a mjajor tornad cell occurs instead.

If you watch what happens with a Low system as it leaves North America you willsee that it moves north east. An High system on the other hand moves south east. One becomes the Icelandic Low and the other becomes the Azores or Bermuda High.

Coincidentally the forecast sharts for a tornado cell is when a Low pressure area moves between a pair of High pressure areas as is the case here.

The cell hasn’t been reported yet none the less when it is the time for it the apropriate chart on here:
or whatever will show up.


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