The effect of cyclonic and anticyclonic rotation in the Bay of Alaska

On Wednesday, 12 March 2014 17:21:13 UTC, Weatherlawyer  wrote:
> Scroll-wheel zoom; choose dates from May 2012:

Pity we can’t see further back than May 2012:

Date    time    mag    place    latitude    longitude

2013-11-17    09:04    7.7    Scotia Sea    -60.2738    -46.4011
2013-09-24    11:29    7.7    61km NNE of Awaran, Pakistan    26.951    65.5009
2013-05-24    05:44    8.3    Sea of Okhotsk    54.874    153.281
2013-04-16    10:44    7.7    83km E of Khash, Iran    28.107    62.053
2013-02-06    01:12    8    76km W of Lata, Solomon Islands    -10.738    165.138
2013-01-05    08:58    7.5    Southeastern Alaska    55.394    -134.65
2012-10-28    03:04    7.8    Haida Gwaii, Canada    52.788    -132.101
2012-09-05    14:42    7.6    Costa Rica    10.085    -85.315
2012-08-31    12:47    7.6    Philippine Islands region    10.811    126.638
2012-08-14    02:59    7.7    Sea of Okhotsk    49.8    145.064
2012-04-11    10:43    8.2    off the west coast of northern Sumatra    0.802    92.463
2012-04-11    08:38    8.6    off the west coast of northern Sumatra    2.327    93.063

But the time will come. Plenty of time then, to discover how this thing works:,!MODIS_Aqua_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor,MODIS_Terra_CorrectedReflectance_TrueColor~overlays,sedac_bound&time=2014-03-08&map=-20.115234,33.117188,15.287109,53.824219

(One hopes.)

I posted or attempted to post an idea that gyroscopic forces are what have erroneously been attributed to the Coriolis farce. I supposed that the super-quake in Alaska 50 years ago was caused by an anticyclone running counter to the normal (cyclonic course of weather in the Bay of Alaska) throwing out the gyro.

If you look at this chart:

You can see that something of the sort does happen occasionally in one of the most dramatically affected regions of the planet. The Lows of the Bay (Aleutian Lows) are especially dramatic in themselves.

Much more so that ours unless I have been reading the charts the wrong way around. I was trying to post this stuff to Usenet but Google as per googual is making it it more and more Uselessnet. The story to the post is that the cyclone is at home in the Bay of Alaska. When the Low moves from its home or runs counter to the normal flow the weather earth-wide is also disturbed.

But when the Low (a Cyclone) is replaced by an Anticyclone or “High”, then the whole world is in tumult. There is a scripture to cover this very experience. But I am damned if I can remember where it is. It’s about the storehouses of hail prepared for warfare.

Got it: Job chapter 38.


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