Job chapter 38

 Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge?

Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me. Where wast thou when I laid the foundations of the earth?

Those that obscure the plans to god’s creation with their own ignorance consider themselves  both lords of the earth and sons of monkeys. As a generation it is science these days and both science and priest-craft in days of yore that obscured the glories of creation. So brace yourselves like heroes and prepare to be awed with your own ignorance as I try to answer his questions.:

We were not there when he god laid the foundation of the earth. None of us is capable of solving the simple n-body problem of the Solar System, never mind the galaxy or the whole shebanging universe. So as far as laying out the foundations well… Sorry.

Are we not sorry?

We are! We are as sorry a lot as can be imagined for believing half the stupid things we do. We can’t even explain “vacuum” let alone the places of the atoms in it. What “big bang” caused it all to organise its ineluctable elegance?

We don’t know. We were not there when his sons caused it to evolve heat; spinning it until they themselves began to see what it was they had done, were doing. We can’t even explain how the tides work.

The greatest minds that have lived since the dark ages went to their graves without appreciating the ramifications that the Cavendish Experiment had for Lunar Theory. Thus no man yet has been capable of explaining tidal waves and the quakes that give them birth nor how they relate to the weather. And there isn’t a man worth listening to that knows -even in this modern dark age, what relationship there is with storms and earthquakes. And yet day after day, the tides obey the laws of god just like clockwork. What man knows any more about the solar system other than that the sun shines every day?

Not one! We think it is some miserable, feeble, atomic explosion that will one day fail to rise. How stupid can we possibly be?

The earth is constantly changing shape like clay under a seal; sediment follows extrusion, follows compression, follows sediment; one storm after another until the dry ground is laid up like layers of cloth. And we have yet to see the light, like the damned fools we are. What have we got that we can point to as if it is ours?

Where do we suppose the sea ends?

We don’t have any clue to that. It is obvious from the shape of the craters on the moon it goes out to there at least but we have no real idea how far the “firmament” reaches, though god set it out so long ago. Most are not even aware of the term so far from knowledge of creation have they been cast. Do you know what the firmament is? And can we get to it?

At the birth of the Rocket Age an hundred years ago, few people even realised that a vehicle could be propelled through space by rocket engines. We are that risible. Not until recently could we get there if we even knew there was a “there” to go there to. Dumb, blind and useless as we so plainly are, the outer edges of the firmament are the gates of hell for us, that’s all there is to it.  But now we are gods! We have satellites and we can see the earth with them. So clever we are capable of finding our own behinds.

And what do we see with our satellites?

And what are we looking at?

We don’t even know how snow forms. Why haven’t we seen that?

It is incomprehensible to us still, even though snow can be manufactured, we can’t explain the structure of one snowflake. A man was caught up in the storehouses of snow about 50 or so years back and he survived. (Plenty never.) But he was bruised, blinded and exhausted by the experience, remembering nothing from it but the fear and the pain. unable to tell us how the “storehouses of hail” opened exactly at the right time; the biblical “times of trouble”. How many centuries ago did god demand these answers?

They are still “pending”. How clever is that?

What is the way to the place where the lightning is dispersed?

Where do east winds come from -or go to?

How are they formed?

We don’t know. We are more bothered about the discrepancies of six tenths of a degrees Centigrade that occurs every so many years. The world is in turmoil over it rioting has taken place recently because of it. Seriously. Who forecasts tropical storms accurately, months in advance?

Nobody. Don’t you think we should be better occupied than worrying about global warming?

Why are we wondering how a few atoms of carbon dioxide can periodically cause the surface of the Pacific to warm half a degree then lose it?

But we are only human; incapable of answering conundrums like: “Which comes first, the mountains or the rivers?” After all there is no valley without mountains and there are no rivers without valleys.

So which comes first?

We just, simply, have no idea.

So why imagine that we do?

Would it hurt to admit ignorance?

And yet; it rains in the desert occasionally, with great and ephemeral beauty. Who controls that?

Rain has no master does it?

What causes dew?

Who nurtures the ice through the years it takes to grow?

We don’t give it its dew.  It forms in cold weather or in warm -in some places day or night -god alone knows how and when; then the waters become hard as stone. We know so much that we can dispute the seasons. We produce nautical AND astronomical almanacs. So how come we can’t use them to forecast the weather?

Isn’t that what calendars are for?

What’s the point of the Pleiades then?

What’s the big deal about Orion?

How has anything improved since we prevented the Nile from flooding with the rising of Sirius?

Yes, we know the laws of gravity…. Sort of…. Some of us. That doesn’t make us God. We can’t roar for the clouds to flood or thunder back at us. They don’t listen to us. The idea is laughable. But that is how god makes it rain. And He prepared the birds and the bees for it. Can such impossible beauty be an accident?

God alone has the wisdom to count the clouds, to tip over the water jars of the heavens just in time; bringing food to the lions, the ravens and all the rest of it. I’ve just had a good idea:

Why don’t we all just shut the **** up!


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