This is the second part of an essay I began on weather related stress:


So what has the ketotic diet to do with weather related distress?

When aircraft fall out of the sky, they do so with the regularity of major earthquakes. Sometimes the earthquakes don’t occur. The irregularity is due to a change in circumstances we call volcanic eruptions. When large airliners fall out of the sky, coal mines and gold mines driven in areas distressingly lacking is secure oversight collapse and various badly managed ferries capsize and drunken ships captains run their charges aground and large earthquakes fail to occur it is because of volcanic ash being driven out of the ground at a large rate of knots.

Most airliners fall out of the sky due to pilot error.

The error is usually failure to make routine checks before take off and the reason they don’t do the checks is because they are suffering weather related goofiness.

Little routines that might -just might catch irregularities inserted in the daily inefficiencies of life.

When an earthquake is due, people who are susceptible to weather related stress become stressed, stupid with the weather which tends to be humid and in summer, torrid, in winter intensely cold. (explain that.)

The earth is vibrating at a frequency in which most people find it hard to remain focussed.

There are a number of cyclones across a line of incidence that occurs along with all of the above.

This is the single most reliable recurring phenomenon before the earthquake.

A number of similar circumstances can be seen in various other weather charts but the cyclones may appear in several regions including the tropical seas. The energy values of these cyclones varies with the power of the earth-storms involved:

In the North Atlantic, whenever there is a full blown tropical typhoon or hurricane, there is a large blocked cyclonic system

Let’s look at this thing:

2014/03/16 at 21:16. A Mag 7 (7 Mw) just off Chile. Latitude 20 degrees South. 70.6 degrees West.


I knew it

Missing plane, internet not working properly.

Weather nice and warm

Blocking Highs

Actually I had been expecting another volcanic eruption as that is what we have been getting a lot of lately. (The last large magnitude quake has been quite some time ago.) But the runs for a volcanic eruption.  Let me tell you more:

I had been expecting volcanoes because of these news items:

Saturday, March 15, 2014:

Heavy rain in Oman has claimed lives of at least four people over the last two days.

Heavy rainfall from tropical cyclone Lusi caused landslide which left six missing in Vanuatu.

Thursday, March 13, 2014:

Avalanches and flash floods in Jammu and Kashmir in last three days have claimed lives of at least 16 people and injured 30 others.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014:

Flash flooding in Hail province of Saudi Arabia has claimed lives of at least seven people.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014:

Heavy rainfall along with thunder showers and hail storms have claimed lives of seven people in Andhra Pradesh region.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014:

Hailstorm in Maharashtra, India-Heavy rains accompanied by hailstorms have claimed lives of at least two people in Maharashtra, India.

Monday, March 3, 2014:

An avalanche in Missoula, Montana has claimed life of a woman and injured two others.

Whenever the disasters are due to heavy rain, the chances are good that volcanic activity is going to go along with it. However, nothing ever runs so true that mere science can discover it. Disclosure belongs to Jehovah. Idiocy belongs to those who obscure truth with error: Job chapter 38.

But back to the earthquake.

I noticed yesterday Saturday 16 March that there was a significant “medium sized” earthquake in South America. Now the fact of the matterr is that we have known how to forecast South American and Aleutian Islands earthquakes for quite some time. They occur whenever there is a significant weather system leaving north America. (In other words; they happen all the time.)

But yesterday I began to see that when the weather pattern that produces earthquakes consists of a line of three Low pressure areas in North America and that line runs north-west to south-east (would thus be leaving via the Gulf of Mexico) then the quake would occur in South America. Obviously the quakes arriving in the Aleutians must therefore be set out in a manner indicating that region.

I don’t yet know enough to forecast that stuff.

What I missed whilst considering this is that the other charts were not conclusinvely showing indications of volcanic activity.

The North Atlantic was the key I should have know from but the fact is that my access to Usenet had been stopped by Google for reasons yet to be revealed. (First they do do harm, then they refuse to admit it.)

But the Met Office charts for that midnight had failed to turn up. (Sadly I never kept a record of that.)

The charts for the North Pacific produced by the Hawaii agency I use also failed to turn up. Actually some of the charts failed all but the first of the Met Offices charts failed.

I can’t say what was going on. Explanations ar rarely given.

But any electronic failures should be considered sign of an impending earthquake.

Pilot error may be behind the reason large airliners fall from the sky but the actual cause is most likely electronic failures in the first place.

The same thing applies to badly run mines and drunken sailors in charge of shipwrecks waiting to happen.

This is the process of the Australian charts I use from the BoM:

When a large mass of compressed isobars appear on the southern hemisphere forecasts for air pressure and precipitation at sea level, then the likelihood of one of the following phenomena occurring s good.

When the dark mass is fed from precipitate that comes as an obtuse angle; and when the system stands off from the coast of Antarctica and then dissipates, the event will be either tornadoes or volcanic eruptions.

Volcanic eruptions will be further signalled by a lead breaking off a previous such system and running around the coast of Antarctica for several days. (I forget what happens with the mass of dark isobars when a tornado cell is most likely but we recently had some tornadoes and the two days before the above Mag 7, we had some storm reports. I think that there may have been tornadoes involved but that they were not spotted or, if seen were not reported.)

I shouldn’t continue this essay any further without producing the charts I am referring to. So I am going to go back to my original discussion about the effects or these phenomena on the human frame.


One thought on “WACD

  1. From the latest listings you can see that the large magnitude quake has been marked down to a medium sized one:

    What I said still holds true but perhaps there is more to come, the NAEFS yesterday was still sowing indications (STRONG indications) of further volcanic activity. In fact they looked like signals for a VEI 2.

    I will compose some charts on the subject and post the links to them on here.
    Meanwhile from the list you will notice a plethora of aftershocks. This is an example of tele-connection between weather and earthquakes.

    The weather involved will be from more than one region. For example that long list of chilean quakes that runs unbroken at the top of the list:
    at 08:51 4.9 Mb OFFSHORE TARAPACA, CHILE -19.97 -70.78
    at 08:32 5.2 ML OFFSHORE TARAPACA, CHILE -19.93 -70.75
    at 07:54 4.7 ML OFFSHORE TARAPACA, CHILE -20.07 -70.89
    at 07:18 4.3 M OFFSHORE TARAPACA, CHILE -19.89 -70.82
    at 07:12 5.0 M Irian Jaya Region, Indone -3.60 131.58
    at 06:47 4.5 M Near Coast of Northern Ch -19.92 -70.70
    at 05:43 4.9 M Near Coast of Northern Ch -19.93 -70.62
    (Well, nearly unbroken.)
    Is from the demise of Tropical Storm Lusi.

    I must say that the annoying propensity of the damned formatting on here to spread my text all down the page is “bloody annoying!!!!!” not just annoying. In fact it is: “Bloody Annoying!!!!!” not just: “bloody annoying!!!!!”.

    Bloody thing!

    But getting back to what I was saying originally:
    If there is a tele-connection between earthquakes and weather, then why can’t there be a tele-connection between earthquakes, weather and mand and beast?

    We know animals are very sensitive to earthquakes, many Chinese studies have shown this and more anecdotes on the phenomena can be found idly speculated on for want of a good explanation all over the ‘Net.

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