Under a louring sky

I have noticed these cloudscapes a few times living where I do now. I live in Stoke on Trent on what passes for an hill in these parts overlooking mostly dip if not flatland. The sky is overcast and it has been raining heavily but that was earlier now it is clearing as it seems to do with the time of day and starting with the southern horizon. There appears to be a cap over the hill so that the clearing sky is on the horizon.

That’s all there is to it. There is so little to see  that combined with the difficulty of observing any sky when you live in a city, anyone would easily miss the phenomena. And, let’s face it you would have to be me to make anything of it. A mere meteorologist would just see it as layering, something akin to layers that occur with mists and the like -only they would call it an inversion.Stoke on Trent is an ancient town built on a “valley” that is -or was mineral rich. Lime, coal and iron was available here at one time for the cost of scratching it out of the ground. And as with all mineral rich regions it attracts people who build houses. And the houses block the view.

What have I seen in the clouds?

Every time a blocked situation develops in the Antarctic seas, a large coagulation of isobars appears on the BoM Southern Ocean runs:


Tonight or earlier in my day (18 March 2014 -it is now the 19th but I had a tangle in my collection of charts it took me a while to sort out) the chart showed a block in the Drake Passage ()in the Atlantic side of Cape Horn. No kidding about the blocked passage, the system spread out as far as The Cape of Good Hope Africa, covering 70 degrees from the Greenwich meridian to 70 east. Just now it is showing an injection from South Africa that is going to burst it with a severe earthquake I beleive maybe another magintude 6.7 mistaken as a 6.9 or even a 7.

Whatever, after such an event the systems all change to produce that band of parallel isobars curving around the coast of Antarctica as indicates a severe tropical storm. I can’t say how severe it will be this time but they like earthquakes, come in sets a contemporary set of storms now matching regions of the immediately preceding ones in the spel given.


I will endeavour to explain that a lot better than I have. It takes practice and this is all relatively new to me too.


What happens next is a fairly large vocanic eruption.

This will take place, if I am any judge, on late Wednesday early Thursday. As signified by both the BoM chart and the MetO&Cg ones. There are actually very few volcanic signals on the British charts but there are plenty of parallel fronts signifying the ends of tropical storms -but there are no tropical storms to end. There are some almost depressions though the JTWC images show a busy situation.

Whatever the case, there are going to be several adjacent consecutive earthquakes tomorrow maybe with tornadoes too though that is just a guess. It is after that at T+60 (Thursday afternoon) that the tropical storms develop. And with them comes the volcanic stuff.

It’s 2 am and I am tired. I can redo this tomorrow (i.e. later today) but I thought it would be nice to get it out well in advance -though to be honest, I could have written this when everyone was still up and about. (As if that would make any difference.) I am sure I have left quite a lot out. I have only discussed two model runs for example. I have said nothing about the NAEFS and that is interesting too. (Or was.) But I am off to bed. If I stay longer I will make mistakes and be too tired and/or dull to correct them tomorrow.

I’m gone.



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