Ubinas Peru 15 April 2014.

Ubinas, one of the most active volcanoes in Peru  erupted Tuesday 15 April. Querapi was evacuated because of falling ash. A state of emergency is in effect. 15000 feet high ash cloud followed a series of lesser eruptions.

Map and more on the story:


This caps off the post I made a few days earlier where I was expecting tornadoes to hit the USA:









9 April-15 April 2014

IGP’s Observatorio Volcanologico de Arequipa (IGP-OVA) and Observatorio Vulcanológico del INGEMMET (OVI) reported that during 9-14 April seismicity at Ubinas remained high. Gas-and-ash plumes rose 0.3-2.2 km above the crater and drifted mostly E, SE, and S. Ashfall was reported in Ubinas (6.5 km SSE), Huatagua (14 km SE), Anascapa (11 km SE), Tonohaya (7 km SSE), San Miguel (10 km SE), Sacuaya, Querapi (4 km S), San Juan de Tarucani, Escacha, Ichuña, Yungas, and Chojata. On 13 April a significant explosion occurred that possibly removed the body of recently erupted lava on the crater floor; incandescent tephra was ejected from the crater. On 14 April an explosion ejected incandescent tephra from the crater that was deposited on the W flank.

Sources: Instituto Geofísico del Perú (IGP), Instituto Geológico Minero y Metalúrgico (INGEMMET)

This kind of reminds me of the geophysical sequence of events that occurred at the death of Jesus.
A great darkness enveloped the land in the region of Jerusalem. No further comments were ever offered in explanation.

But there was a great earthquake soon after also in the region. That is there was no talk of a volcanic eruption but a discussion of the earthquake was fairly acute.

For an eruption to take place that would cover the entire sky in Jerusalem a volcano would have had to have been active sporadically for some time before and presumably for some time after. Also the winds despite being very light at ground level would have to have driven the ash several miles giving it time to spread out. The volcano would have to have been an almost mathematically precise distance.

The sweat on Jesus’ body just before his arrest appeared to run like blood in the moonlight. So it was warm and calm. A pensive spell that ran through a set of consecutive lunations maybe. Something that would have put anticyclonic weather in the places that it doesn’t belong.

This is not a rare phenomena. Every severe quake has anticyclonic weather on the north west tip of North America with the subsequent stalling or blocking of the Lows that normally run there. We have no data going back to those days. All we have is the NASA lunar phases and they are off by about 3 hours -just about as “off” as they can get before righting themselves.

But we do have this sequence with the 1 April2014 earthquake and a bracket of volcanic eruptions. In fact the world has had several significant VEI eruptions in the last year or so. It is one of those cycles.
But I have not been watching these things all that long. SO I can’t say how frequently they occur.
But it IS interesting though.


One thought on “Ubinas Peru 15 April 2014.

  1. I began a thread a few posts back that was going to cover the Chilean quake mentioned above but I lost it in the excitement following events. I only posted charts as far as March IIRC. (I can’t remember why not.) I will finish it later today if I can find it and post the link here when I have done so.

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