Some Earthwind screenshots.

It took me a while to work out why GIMP wouldn’t convert my print-screens to .gif images. Then I lost the folder they are in. Bear with me whilst I show you something more recent and just as interesting instead: ImageNotice the red spot highlighted on the south coast of Antarctica and the general red tinge in the cyclone half way from there to Australia. On the following picture it has bounced off the coast and concentrated in that cyclone:


I believe that what we are seeing (I may be mistaken) is a fairly common occurrence for tornado events (tele-connectively speaking.) Cyclones that hold off or bounce off the continent are likely to produce tornadoes and/or volcanic eruptions. That is they tend to occur with coincidental regularity -only there ain’t no such a thing as coincidence with geo-physics. It is exactly what happens with earth science harmonies.

And with volcanic eruptions there tends to be a separation of the Low with smaller offshoots sent forward around the coast of the continent whilst the bulk of the system deteriorates out at sea.

I haven’t quite got that right, I am sure but that is only because of inexperience.


OK here are the rest of the Earthwind gifs from a few days ago as promised in the previous post.


The first two show the set up south of Antarctica. I tried to angle the shot to give an equally spaced angle between the continent and the cyclone in the second.

It is easily larger than Australia.

It would cover the Arctic. Only the elongation from the Canadian border with Alaska to the Kara sea in Russia has a similar diameter.

The last one was supposed to show you it would have fitted into the North Atlantic. I made a mistake with what I saved there. I’ll fix it later.


I thought so. It reaches from the Labrador/Newfoundland coast to Wales.

It was big was it not.

Fairly quiet though, until it went away.

No significant earthquakes and no volcanic eruptions of note and no tropical storms. (But let me get back to you on that.)







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