Lightning Strike maps

I live in a city in the North West Midlands UK. We get very short periods of electrical outages from time to time. Mostly they go unnoticed and unremarked on because so little affect is felt. No more irritation takes place than that from a radio broadcast you might be listening to when there is a thunder storm some miles away that causes hissing on the speaker.

Electric clock switch to zero and other settings may also be affected. Last night I got three such outages on the trot. And wondered about them. I posted a question on a British forum and all I go back was ferrets hissing white noise at me. So here is the video of what didn’t happen in Britain last night:


Ah wait. I didn’t clock them on the chart when I first looked at it.  Lightning activity for Earth
Lightning stroke positions are shown as coloured dots which “cool down” from blue for the most recent (occurring within the last 10 min) through green and yellow to red for the oldest (30-40 minutes earlier).
Red asterisks in white circles are active WWLL lightning sensor locations. The terminator (day-night boundary) is shown, with the daylit section of the globe in grey.
As you can see there are only 2 sensors in Britain. You’d have thought a nation so interested in the weather would have hundreds but the electronics is beyond most of us these days. Pity the BBC and such like companies have rendered us all that dumb but there we are.

2 places in the heart of the industrial revolution.

And they just happened to cover the storms that might have dunnit.

The new site doesn’t hold data past half an hour but it is splendid to behold:


Googlified of course, as are most US government agency sites these days. Probably helps the NSA a lot with their research. But you all know that Google’s owners keep their jets in NASAs hangars don’t you. And our information ditto.

Ah well twas ever thus.


April 2014. By the light of the moon

New Moon       First Quarter       Full Moon       Last Quarter   
Mar 30 18:45 Apr 7 08:31 Apr 15 07:42 t Apr 22 07:52 
Apr 29 06:14 A May 7 03:15
Let me translate that:
New moon occurred on the 30 March at 18:45 or quarter to 7 in the evening by Greenwich Mean time.
The next phase first quarter was on the 7 April at08:31.
Full moon was on 15 Apr at 07:42 and there was a total lunar eclipse.
Second or Last quarter was on the 22 Apr at07:52 which was almost the same time as the previous phase.
New moon returned on 29 Apr at 06:14 with an annular solar eclipse.
And on the 7th of May at 03:15 it was first quarter once more.
The run of analysis charts for the North Pacific ran:


That was written with GIMP. I had to rename all the files in it because the lame tool won't place charts from March in front of April. What kind of stupid is that?
The next spell should be easier 6th to 16th April:

The charts start a day or so before the actual phase of the moon so that you can get the gist of what was happening. There is usually a 5 day "wave" of settled weather that takes place in the middle of the spell. That shows the type of weather expected from the spell. Of course this year is an odd one with a substantial drought in the USA and I rather think the High pressure in the mid Pacific is normally absent most years.
I am not going to discuss unsettled weather. That will follow in a thread about Vorticity and "instability".

The following spell starts on the 22nd and ends on the 30th. I haven't included any from May in it as the Gimp is too much trouble and you already have the idea of what to look for now:

And finally the spell that started on the 30th. I am going to have to struggle with that problem again

Sorry about the order they appear in but on a repeat animation that doesn't matter as much as going to the bother of pointlessly renaming the charts because I don't know how to save them in the correct order or the people in charge of the programme haven't got a full brain between them.

17 May 2014. New thing learned

By Weatherlawyer

In the Southern Hemisphere charts produced by Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) I saw the arrival of a huge complex low the size of a continent and assumed this would be a major catastrophe of some sort. But of course late in the northern hemisphere’s spring, some weeks after the equinox, the southern hemisphere closes down for the night.

It is winter down there, just as the setting sun in the northern extremes enters the twilight of summer, May begins the time when the sun becomes visible in the Arctic. And North America migrates from large passive cold anticyclones and rolling sheets of large lows. To the pock marked acne of much more intense and smaller systems.

None the less the overall flow still takes the same time-frames. Tornadic events seem to last longer because of course with the new latitudes the causes produce more of them.

To the harmonics of a new heaven, a song for the divine.

God is our refuge and strength,
a very present help in trouble,
therefore we will not fear,
though the earth be removed,
though the mountains be carried into the middle of the sea;
though the waters of earth roar and be troubled,
though the mountains shake with the swelling in them.

There is a river,
whose streams shall make the city of God glad;
the holy place of the shelter of the most High.
And god in it all, it will not be moved:
God is agitating to assist.

The lost rage, the kingdoms moved:
he uttered his voice, the earth melted.
The lord of hosts is with us;
the God of Jacob is our refuge.

See what desolations he hath made in the earth.
He makes wars cease out to the end of the earth;
he shatters the bow, and splinters the spear;
he burns the chariot in the fire.

Be still, and know that I am God:
I will be exalted among the lost,
I will be exalted in the earth!”

The LORD of hosts is with us;
the God of Jacob is our refuge.

Psalms 46:10 ~

More lost sheep on here: Energy Committee ~ BBC.

What none of them seem to have considered is that temperature readings will have changed drastically in countries that moved from forest to arable land farming. The treetops would have had the temperatures we are experiencing these days at some 50 feet lower.

The sun hasn’t grown bigger or smaller, nor will it. To say that it will is to imply that the didactic “indefinite” is not incalculable. Garbage in equals garbage out.

This too is untrue:

  1. The warming is unequivocal.
  2. Humans caused the majority of it.
  3. The warming is largely irreversible.
  4. Most of the heat is going into the oceans.
  5. Current rates of ocean acidification are unprecedented.
  6. We have to choose which future we want very soon.
  7. To stay below 2°C of warming, the world must become carbon negative.
  8. To stay below 2°C of warming, most fossil fuels must stay buried in the ground.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The above charts come from a forecast given by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology on the 5th of May 2014.

It deals with a period in which there will be no major tropical storms. In North America the continent is divided into may small weather systems. And world wide the seismic background has been one of fairly low activity. There were a few earthquakes of magnitude six and some points but no sevens and no real volcanic surges.

Britain has enjoyed the effects of a Blocking High situation in the North Atlantic. Some have griped as is our way and some have had rain but mostly it has been pleasant.

The rest of the world?

Well, floods and landslides have figured prominently. But mostly there has been nothing to worry about but Global Warming. The facts on that; few as they are, are reminiscent of how it must have been in the Nation of Israel under the Kings. How easily lead some of them were and why they followed false prophets has always puzzled me until I was involved in confrontations with advocates of the idiocy on

Trying to reason with people who have a cause is like trying to help a drunk.

Nothing you can do or say will go into their heads but what they want to hear.

And this is the one true cause of ALL violence everywhere:

Fools who know best and the lack of sense in authority.

And this is the great weakness of democracy. In the final count, there is no difference in what government or what governments are choosing. What you end up with is miscreants in high places eventually, no matter what is intended.

And when they are as smug as Margaret Thatcher was you will know them by the fruit they produce. You are dealing with people who have the mental capacity of drunkards. Beware.

This is the sort of weather that North America was having:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Only a forecast of course (the NA EFS) but the small systems mean no storms. It is May so there will be tornadoes. Some signs of tropical disturbances but mostly a quiet and peaceful time. When the larger systems prevail, more “vorticity” and “instability” takes place.

When I have time I will do a post on tornadoes again. There is some new stuff with those too.