April 2014. By the light of the moon

New Moon       First Quarter       Full Moon       Last Quarter   
Mar 30 18:45 Apr 7 08:31 Apr 15 07:42 t Apr 22 07:52 
Apr 29 06:14 A May 7 03:15

Let me translate that:
New moon occurred on the 30 March at 18:45 or quarter to 7 in the evening by Greenwich Mean time.
The next phase first quarter was on the 7 April at08:31.
Full moon was on 15 Apr at 07:42 and there was a total lunar eclipse.
Second or Last quarter was on the 22 Apr at07:52 which was almost the same time as the previous phase.
New moon returned on 29 Apr at 06:14 with an annular solar eclipse.
And on the 7th of May at 03:15 it was first quarter once more.
The run of analysis charts for the North Pacific ran:


That was written with GIMP. I had to rename all the files in it because the lame tool won't place charts from March in front of April. What kind of stupid is that?
The next spell should be easier 6th to 16th April:

The charts start a day or so before the actual phase of the moon so that you can get the gist of what was happening. There is usually a 5 day "wave" of settled weather that takes place in the middle of the spell. That shows the type of weather expected from the spell. Of course this year is an odd one with a substantial drought in the USA and I rather think the High pressure in the mid Pacific is normally absent most years.
I am not going to discuss unsettled weather. That will follow in a thread about Vorticity and "instability".

The following spell starts on the 22nd and ends on the 30th. I haven't included any from May in it as the Gimp is too much trouble and you already have the idea of what to look for now:

And finally the spell that started on the 30th. I am going to have to struggle with that problem again

Sorry about the order they appear in but on a repeat animation that doesn't matter as much as going to the bother of pointlessly renaming the charts because I don't know how to save them in the correct order or the people in charge of the programme haven't got a full brain between them.


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