Lightning Strike maps

I live in a city in the North West Midlands UK. We get very short periods of electrical outages from time to time. Mostly they go unnoticed and unremarked on because so little affect is felt. No more irritation takes place than that from a radio broadcast you might be listening to when there is a thunder storm some miles away that causes hissing on the speaker.

Electric clock switch to zero and other settings may also be affected. Last night I got three such outages on the trot. And wondered about them. I posted a question on a British forum and all I go back was ferrets hissing white noise at me. So here is the video of what didn’t happen in Britain last night:


Ah wait. I didn’t clock them on the chart when I first looked at it.  Lightning activity for Earth
Lightning stroke positions are shown as coloured dots which “cool down” from blue for the most recent (occurring within the last 10 min) through green and yellow to red for the oldest (30-40 minutes earlier).
Red asterisks in white circles are active WWLL lightning sensor locations. The terminator (day-night boundary) is shown, with the daylit section of the globe in grey.
As you can see there are only 2 sensors in Britain. You’d have thought a nation so interested in the weather would have hundreds but the electronics is beyond most of us these days. Pity the BBC and such like companies have rendered us all that dumb but there we are.

2 places in the heart of the industrial revolution.

And they just happened to cover the storms that might have dunnit.

The new site doesn’t hold data past half an hour but it is splendid to behold:


Googlified of course, as are most US government agency sites these days. Probably helps the NSA a lot with their research. But you all know that Google’s owners keep their jets in NASAs hangars don’t you. And our information ditto.

Ah well twas ever thus.



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