Australian charts for 29 May 2014

Astralian charts for May 2014

These were courtesy of BoM, whose copyright they are. Permission is given to any reproduction that contains this link:

See also their generous copyright permission page here:

Also the data is most likely based on satellite imagery. The satellites involved were from the USA (NOAA) and China (CMA.)


2 thoughts on “Australian charts for 29 May 2014

  1. I didn’t forecast much from this although I did draw attention to the interesting bit and the days covered.
    A contra-rotating system filling the SW quadrant (180 to 100) all the way in to the South Pole.
    It has to deal with a blocking High preventing the through flow to the Drake Passage. (Not that an anticyclone could possible provide enough energy to do something as ridiculous as block the passage of a cyclone.)

    Blocking Highs are just some sort of description of events that over the decades of ignorance about weather that has become a defacto “belief” or misunderstood explanation. Whatever the case, tornadoes and volcanic eruptions started up again at the date given above. The full discussion can be found here:!topic/

  2. Also shown on here -something I missed entirely, is the demise of the tropical storm “Amanda” in the American Pacific off Mexico. Category 4 Hurricane Amanda ran from 22-29 May with maximum wind speeds of 135 knots. The signal is a band of isobars running from 40 to 180 degree east (t+24 the 30th to t+72 on 1st June.)
    They are for the most part parallel and follow the coastline of Antarctica. You can also see its demise on the date the volcano erupted (1-2 June.)

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