The run up to the next significant volcanic eruptions.

I’m just compiling a run of the North Pacific OPCs in advance of the next volcanic eruptions. This is 29 August to 12 September with the 6 hourly charts posted in 2 second intervals:

29 August to 12 September 2014Note the splendid cyclone crowning the Aleutians is always a feature when impending tropical storms are about to defoliate the planet.

What you should be paying attention to is the feature that should not be there, the Anticyclones in the Gulf of Alaska.

If you can match them to previous data you have cracked it.

The 29th August 2014 eruption at Mount Tavurvu on the coast of Papua New Guinea took place with a brief Anticyclone spanning Alaska and Siberia:

17 to 31 August 2014

If you click on the images they will open and the dates of each chart can be read in the black box on the top of each one in the animation.

With the PNG eruption the signal I took for it came from the NA EFS:


This one clearly shows a line of cyclones or Lows across North America a sure sign of either a large magnitude earthquake or if the run continues for more than a day impressive volcanic eruption.

Not a bad wake up call either as this was presented on the 26th. Only one problem is that the date of the chart is 1st September 2014.

2014082500_120 2014082500_144

I’d have put the 29th and 30 in the frame from the NA EFS on the 25th. But you can see the point of it all can you?

There is almost nothing I can see in the MetOffice charts tht indicate anything unusual for the 28th but immediately following the remains of Christobal runs right through the chart to Iceland.

29 August 2014 Mount Tavurvur

Something had been holding something back prior to that. But what?

A blocking High maybe?

As if weather is responsible for weather. No it was something else. It had to be something else. Something that causes blocking highs. Bear in mind tropical storms are blocking Lows. And this example was a deep depression long after it left the tropics.


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