Google’s Shaped Search

Shitty Google Maps

More Shitty Google Maps

What is deplorable about shitty Google Maps is that they are supposed to be a search engine. I already know where I live and if I had to do a search for that, I would have had a poster for my home printed by now.

I am trying to find information about the landforms of the Napa Valley. They had an earthquake there not too long ago and someone built a 3D map of it but because neither the computer programmer who did it or the journalist who wrote about know anything about teaching geo-physics I have to look the region up for the information required.

This is like getting political directives for sense and sensibilities isn’t it?

Yes, I know I can find the map data I want and plumb that into Google Earth. There used to be a similar programme from NASA but I believe they sold out to Google or some-such.

So this is what we get. Shaped searches based on what you already know.

The idea of the internet search is to find out things that you don’t already know. I would have thought that search engine giants might have already been clued into that.

Palo Alto plus shitty get in the bloody way Google box

Palo Alto plus shitty get in the bloody way Google box1

Palo Alto plus shitty get in the bloody way Google box2

The top and tail of these three are terrain maps. I don’t know where the epicentre was on any of them but it is clear that the satellite chart in the middle is pretty redundant.

What anyone who can see can see is that the terrain follows marked striations NW/SE and that in good time at least, there is no shortage of water in the region.


If at first you don’t succeed consult Wikipedia.

Shake_Intensity_-_2014_South_Napa_EarthquakeTo be honest, I thought it would be a lot easier than this. What I have learned is that with the scale of such empty country anyone who spends money on keeping out immigrants instead of funding facilities for the citizens already there needs executing.


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