Significant earthquakes forecastable from Australian weather charts

There have only been 5 large earthquakes (7.5 M. or larger) this year so far:

Date mag place time
2014-04-01 8.2 mww 94km NW of Iquique, Chile 23:46
2014-04-03 7.7 mww 53km SW of Iquique, Chile 02:43
2014-04-12 7.6 mww 93km SSE of Kirakira, Solomon Islands 20:14
2014-04-19 7.5 mww 70km SW of Panguna, Papua New Guinea 13:28
2014-06-23 7.9 mww 19km SE of Little Sitkin Island, Alaska 20:53

These are the charts for the times of the tremors:

Ah problem. I was looking at the BoM archive I have for their southern Hemisphere forecasts and was stimied by the fact that all the signals I was getting seemed to indicate volcanic eruptions rather than epic earthquakes.

So I tried to find a post I made from that time to see if I had had any particular insights from then:

I found [this](!topic/sci.geo.earthquakes/PIFlL9iCHcA) on sci.geo.earthquakes

And on that thread was a [link to guess who’s blog](

OK so I am going to bookmark this thread for more stuff later when I get around to posting the BoM charts that were signalling all that stuff in late March. It’s all good stuff but I would be a fool not to give myself time to think about things first.













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