All change

As you get to understand how something works, the amount of information that gets between your ears increases each time you delve into the subject. Eventually though the sheer quantity of available input is overwhelming.

And if you are at a pinnacle in a research project it is often too much to take in when you are the only person doing the taking in. How can you delegate when you are on your own?

The weather is in flux today and I have so many angles to examine it seems overpowering. Once upon a time I was content that a lunar phase was ending or starting and to leave it to let events unfold. It is the same when a large magnitude earthquake occurs and all the weather changes with that.

One simple principle to change the world each time.

But now I am looking at the charts and they are all not telling me anything. What sort of chicken and egg situation is that?

There are no storms breeding, the tropical storms are about to go ashore and dissipate.

There are no large quakes. As the tropics clam down medium sized quakes occur but Mag 5 tremors don’t DO anything to the weather. There are no massive eruptions being reported on news sites.

The situation is not clear on the BoM charts and the NA EFS has totally changed in its structure. So I can’t tell where anything is going at the moment. I feel blindsided.

In the North Atlantic Edouard is moving from 45 to 60 North in one jump. The noon forecast was missing from Midnight’s run. (It is back now and substantially the same chart as for t+36.) I know nothing.

We have a damp overcast here just like the November clag that can last for weeks as the season goes from the end of summer to the beginning of winter.

Something is in the air but I just don’t know what to make of any of it. Maybe I should just go back to bed and wake up when it is all over. I think that what is happening is that the seas around Antarctica have just overloaded with ice and things are about to go into reverse down there.

Knowing that you know nothing is unsettling.


One thought on “All change

  1. “As the tropics clam down”
    As the tropics calm down, medium sized quakes occur…
    I should edit this post but I just can’t be bothered.
    So far this spell hundreds of people have been displaced by floods and threats of eruptions. A number have been killed. The devastation for their next of kin is horrific at that but they have to cope with life changing geo-physics on top of that!

    I am such a stupid self centred shit sometimes I actually feel evil.
    But there is nothing I can do about any of it.
    There is nothing that anyone can do about any of it. It must be comforting for those people who are deeply religious to be able to shut off their pain by praying to their gods but for people who have no strong religious belief, what have they got when the planet pushes them to their limit?

    Some consolation for atheists that they are right there can’t possibly be a god when terrible things happen?
    What kind of sentence is that to have?
    I’d rather be a blind religious minion in thrall to ignorance. Yet I know there is a god and can perceive how he works.
    And that sometimes shit happens and the system he created will CLAM down. Fires bite. Explosives fragment and walls falling on you crush. The middle of a disaster is not the time to wonder if there is a god. The time to wonder about that is when things are at peace not at war.
    At war when push comes to shove you take what you can get and hope to survive long enough to think about it all when it is over.
    I just feel I should be doing something now and doing it more quickly than I am.

    But what?

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