Lunar effects

The Saxby Gale affected the Bay of Fundy giving it the record tide in all history:


A 2-metre storm surge created by the storm which coincided with a perigean spring tide; the Bay of Fundy having one of the highest tidal ranges in the world. The Saxby Gale storm surge produced a water level which gave Burntcoat Head, Nova Scotia the honor of having highest tidal range ever recorded. It is also thought to have formed the long gravel beach that connects Partridge Island, Nova Scotia to the mainland.

From the Wikipedia:


Lieutenant Stephen Martin Saxby RN practiced Astro-Meteorology published in 1864
as the Saxby Weather system. It listed days when atmospheric disturbances would

First published in Nautical Magazine, a journal for the merchant marine hoping to get the
attention of the Government Meteorological Department. The Astronomer Royal told
Saxby to Drop his investigations. (I’ll bet that was George Airy. Yes! (What a dickhead that man was. He even looks like a bell end.))

A letter from Lt. Saxby concerning one particular forecast:



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