A soujourn in a dark place

It grew to be dark and all the mystics were called to the gates of hell and Weatherlawyer happened to be with them. And god said to him whre have you been hiding.

On Reddit. I said. Have you ever seen such a godless place.

Oh no said god I don’t bother with anyone there but pray, do tell.

Well I don’t suppose I was very nice to them but you know how it goes sometimes. No?

I’m going to tell you a story.

I posted this to them:

This week’s Tropical Storms. 6-11 October 2014 (self.weather)

submitted 4 days ago by Weatherlawyer

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology BoM has one of the best weather charts for the geo-physics of thaumaturgy. Te reason it it is almost entirely untouched by human hands.

If there were enough weather stations in the southern oceans the models would rely on data being corrected by auto-response manufacturing data by extrapolation build from relatively few stations.

Fortunately they are willing to make do with none or next to none. Lots of countries wouldn’t bother. Australia has no choice.

This week there are very few dark matters from rain input. I don’t know why this is. Almost nothing after Wednesday and what little there is all goes around the outside. There is nothing to make the isobars grow out and point.

Hence all the isobars are nicely paralleled around Antarctica. With little compression the signal matches what we see for tropical storms (parallel isobars following the coast line.) I suppose the storms will be further south than they have been as the pressure is off the anticyclones and hence off the ITCZ.

But what do I know. Periods of such behaviour are very few and far between. The cyclones around the continent make the charts look like the schematic for a generator stator plate. That sort of thing generally only occurs as the tropical storm season switches from north to south or south to north.

I think it will mean a cessation in the vorticity available for volcanoes which in turn leaves the market open for tornadoes. In the meantime there are some large medium sized earthquakes on the NA EFS if I am not mistaken (medium sized quakes run from 5.0 to 6.5 IIRC. Under M7 whatever.)

Tropical storms will be at their height Wednesday and Thursday. I am expecting 4 and more of them but I can’t see how they will become all that powerful without enough precipitate in the Southern Oceans to cause elongation and compression.

Early days yet. And towards the end of tonight’s run from BoM there are a number of small cyclones hugging the Antarctic coastline. So some volcanic activity will occur.

Which just leaves us with that egregious harmonic in the North Atlantic. Tomorrow’s charts from the MetO should clear that up.

And verrily it came to pass.

PHANFONE NW Pacific 34.8 N 138.5 E 70 kts 1 40.8 N 156.0 E 30 kts TD

SIMON NE Pacific 23.8 N 117.6 W 60 kts TS 25.7 N 117.3 W 35 kts TS

VONGFONG NW Pacific 15.9 N 141.7 E 90 kts 2 17.5 N 136.0 E 110 kts 3

It’s my job to see this sort of thing coming. (It’s why I had to ask what the problem was with the discussion about NOAA and Simon on here yesterday.)

If that isn’t good enough you will have to explain the word “detail” in a little more detail.

As a thaumaturge I have learned to go the extra mile despite being a shit. If at times I seem like a meteorologist on steroids please hold back until I come out of the clouds.

The Hawaiian charts I use to look at the North Pacific show the state of play with graphics illustrating vorticity. When they look like dolphins leading the way, skipping along etcetera, etcetera, things go as normal. When they swim in circles or appear as claws or hooks or the like (forgive my anthropology, I am a creationist (though only god knows why he is blessing a C- like me) I wouldn’t) then there is a lot of geo-physics that will be ignored by mere meteorology but after the fact seismologist or more likely vulcanologist will wake up. (Of course the signal can easily be mistaken for tornadoes so…)

In the normal course of events I have been known to mistake the signal for volcanoes and tornadoes until this season I was even mistaking earthquakes for tornadoes.

This week there are very few dark matters masses from rain input. I don’t know why this is.

The extent of the ice sheet has been making pressures in the North Atlantic flaccid. This in turn has been making the dark masses of isobar compression (the single most efficacious signal for us thaumaturges) difficult to interpret I found the answer a few months ago.

When I know considerably more about it I hope to be able to explain it all a little more succinctly. HTH.

This too I posted and yea, verrily unto the third regeneration:

In the meantime there are some large medium sized earthquakes on the NA EFS if I am not mistaken

I was expecting better than this:

time latitude longitude mag magType place


T07:57:44.800Z 19.364 -155.0725 2.5 Ml 16km S of Fern Acres, Hawaii

36.2155 -96.7215 3.1 mb_lg 11km N of Yale, Oklahoma

38.2325 142.1389 4.5 mb 76km ESE of Ishinomaki, Japan

57.1515 -154.4108 3.7 ml 50km SSW of Larsen Bay, Alaska

-40.1457 46.108 5.1 mb Southwest Indian Ridge

36.1325 -97.2343 2.5 mb_lg 15km W of Stillwater, Oklahoma

-38.5909 176.4725 5.2 mb 24km SW of Murupara, New Zealand

62.9806 172.3827 4.5 mb Chukotskiy Avtonomnyy Okrug, Russia <<


T23:11:10.140Z 62.9476 172.1848 4.5 mb Chukotskiy Avtonomnyy Okrug, Russia <<

-27.2704 -178.4152 4.4 mb 226km NNW of Raoul Island, New Zealand

19.1113 -155.4397 2.7 Md 11km SSE of Pahala, Hawaii <<

19.09 -155.4425 2.6 Md 13km SSE of Pahala, Hawaii <<

49.8644 153.4888 4.3 mb 208km WSW of Severo-Kuril’sk, Russia

53.8918 171.0671 4.9 mb 182km NW of Attu Station, Alaska <<

61.2476 -152.674 2.6 ml 85km N of Redoubt Volcano, Alaska <<

19.1065 -66.4216 2.9 Md 71km N of Tierras Nuevas Poniente, Puerto Rico

-19.621 -176.2038 5.1 mb 195km W of Pangai, Tonga

64.5118 -17.2791 5 mb 103km WNW of Hofn, Iceland

21.0446 145.6608 4.7 mb 97km NE of Farallon de Pajaros, Northern Mariana Islands

-1.3155 132.4279 5.5 mb 139km ESE of Sorong, Indonesia

-4.3957 -76.3121 4.8 mb 64km NE of Barranca, Peru

19.3268 -155.4825 2.7 Ml 13km N of Pahala, Hawaii

18.8551 -64.2727 2.5 Md 60km NE of Road Town, British Virgin Islands <<

18.4563 -64.6902 3.2 Md 8km WNW of Road Town, British Virgin Islands <<

0.593 98.6704 4.5 mb 108km SW of Padangsidempuan, Indonesia

64.5407 -17.5775 4.5 mb 118km WNW of Hofn, Iceland

38.9734 144.4334 4.5 mb 221km ESE of Yamada, Japan

35.8276 -97.4192 3 mb_lg 5km S of Guthrie, Oklahoma

35.8905 -115.2915 3.58 ml 15km SSW of Enterprise, Nevada

-10.7829 161.8629 4.7 mb 36km S of Kirakira, Solomon Islands

18.948 -66.8643 2.9 Md 51km N of Hatillo, Puerto Rico

26.6739 129.7495 4.6 mb 176km E of Nago, Japan


I can only imagine that whatever is in the “pending” file will show itself later.

Until finally :

I was expecting better than this…

I can only imagine that whatever is in the “pending” file will show itself later.

Spot on so far -quakes and all. A new weather spell begins today for Britain. If you have continental weather it should be less obvious but the UK has hair trigger weather. This should be anticyclonic but is anythig but..

That means

that whatever is in the “pending” file will show itself later.

Judging by these two runs it is both vortacious and deep

When the tornado stuff ceases, probably around the 10th, that cyclone off south Africa finally goes ashore at Antarctica (half way around the continent with all sorts of threatening behaviour.) I am guessing this is an eruption at Reunion but I only know it is an eruption.

I can’s say I blame meteorologists for not listening to me. I only listen to them if they are talking about weather charts. They go around with their eyes closed and their trousers down and I get the impression they haven’t been fully toilet trained.

But what do I know?

Sunday noon according to this the cyclone joined the MAelstrom from Madagasgar/S Africa on the 4th but it had been in harbour long enough for me to see it without even considering it. When the penny dropped I first mentioned the likelihood of Reunion.

Then that stuff moving south from Iceland confirmed it.

Talking about Iceland, the North Pacific has an harmonic with deep tropical storms too and this week it is really going in deep. Lets hope it is all good news for California. Just in case could my fellow Redditors keep an eye on their Califriendians.

You might want to consider passing the hat around just like you did for the recent deadly flooding in India and all those other places.

I mentioned that the OPC is about to begin showing their North Pacific and Atlantic charts for 99 days. They are still playing with the format apparently and it looks like the are going to be giving the runs a lot more detail,

Since they will be showing fronts the chances of you being able to follow the details like a thaumaturge at a full frontal epicentre will make you appear like a boss.

And very boring you stand a chance of becoming.

Well, you have been warned!

What was the name of that illness I have, again?

After this my soul grew wrathful:

Looks like this week has run out of breath on me. More coming of course particularly good on noon Sunday but that isn’t the 11th.

The NWP winds do not blow

That means we’ll have snow

And gyrating mountains do vent

But my job is done

And I’ll soon be gone

So what will dear Reddit do then poor thing?

Sleep in a web

And keep itself warm

With it’s small brains all under a wing poor thing

This is weather lawyer out

I can’t say it has been more than interesting but then I have always liked interesting.

Goodbye dear friends.

And there I was … Gone!


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