Somewhere I made a mistake recently. I was looking at the website for tropical storms and noticed that one was running through Japan. Then I went and wrote that it was crossing VeitNam.

But I can’t find out where I wrote it. ALl I can say in what little defence I can muster is that my head goes out for a loop on occasions like this one. Getting ideas above my station I think it is called.

Outside is thick mist and dead quiet. But it is the weekend and the drunks have all got home by this time of night. TSR have started callin AlO7 “Fay” but have not given it any more power. (I know the feeling.)

Even the ambulances that race up and down outside all hours of the day and night will be going slowly for a while too. Their drivers probably wondering why the emergency was just declared in Viet Nam. I am going to go back to bed and wait for the worst bad news.

One thing about fog like this:

It presages tropical storms but nothing else until the storms end. I don’t really mean it but I think I would rather be feeling cold and knowing that there is a massive volcanic eruption still due. But I should be thanking god that that is no longer true. I know how Jonah felt when god spared Ninevah.

Only the people of Ninevah were repentant and no doubt for a short while grateful. Now then…. how the hell do I get out of this stupid fish?


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