Entropy or duality?

All the days of the earth, planting and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, night and day, shall not cease.

19 October 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.to 96

I was setting up an animation of the situation in the southern ocean earlier today when it occurred to me that these systems never blow themselves out.

The pattern repeats to infinity without any reason for doing so.

Consider a small part of the situation as the influx of precipitate from Rio de la Plata. The range of precipitate on the BoM chart’s scale goes from:
0.2; 1; 2; 5; 10; 20; 50; 100; 150; 200.
All denoted by colour.

And there is no black.

What that means is that the procession from calm to storm -to the next step in the mechanics of the fluid being studied, is denoted by exactly the same processes as is displayed on all weather charts that display isobars.

I’d been using the wrong format to create the animation and the scale was lighting up through blue to pink (200 mm of precipitate in 6 hours for several hours.) And it woke me up.

And got me thinking.

If all the world’s isobars indicate a change of state, then all the world’s energy was fluctuating in harmony. So what the  was happening to its entropy?

19 October 2014.IDY20001 to 96

That electricity and magnetism can be converted on to the other as a dual is well known. And the degree of state of change or entropy (if I have understood the term correctly) is a ratio of how much work or energy is supplied to the system by movement. A magnet does not decide to exert itself on an electric current and neither does an electric current interfere with a stationary magnet.

(To within obvious parameters.)

That a storm evolves into an earthquake is a matter of acoustics. And taking the step one further there has to be a chemical step to convert a mixture of metal ores , carbon and sulphur with water under pressure to convert the kinetic and/or acoustic input into a volcanic eruption.

Failure to make the conversion generally results in a different type of storm series with the conversion delayed to some extent. In most cases this appears to be tornadoes. Sometimes though things can take a considerable time. I am not sure how the explanation stretches to cover such a schema.


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