Weather Charts

25 October 2014.Midnight

This is an example of the North Atlantic chart issued daily or twice daily by Britain’s Meteorological Office. Pretty is it not?

But unfortunately due to recent improvements I am now going to be getting them from Switzerland.

This is an example of the same thing from there:


Not quite so pretty but it is a forecast for the time of issue plus 132 hours. The present ones from the MetOffice only go up to 84 and you have to wait until they are over 7 hours out of date before you can see them.

The recent changes at Exitdoor make them difficult to store and the present format is .gif when they used to be .jpg. You can find out which is superior without my help.

Here are the rest of  the day’s output from Westwind:,,.gif,bracknell+00,bracknell+24,bracknell+36,bracknell+48,bracknell+60,bracknell+72,bracknell+84,bracknell+96,bracknell+108,bracknell+120,bracknell+132

 bracknell+00bracknell+24 bracknell+36 bracknell+48 bracknell+60 bracknell+72 bracknell+84 bracknell+96 bracknell+108 bracknell+120 bracknell+132


Look, nearly missed the Volcano warning. Talk about clear as a bell!

On the T96 drawing.

It was a pity I chose to leave the clutches of the Met Office when I did. They were a law unto themselves with no explanation or apology but at least they know what day it is. The Swizz/German site I have lighted on slips in a couple of charts from any old when -on a regular basis.

I can only hope what I am looking at is honest.

Funny old world, isn’t it?

Why do they do that, I wonder.

Why do journalists do this:

So, remember that volcano in Iceland? It’s still erupting like crazy
Mashable-11 hours ago
Iceland’s Bardarbunga volcano has now emitted the most lava of any volcano in
that geologically active country since at least 1947, and …

Lava from Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano is about to engulf a nearby town
Vox-27 Oct 2014
The lava is coming from the Kilauea volcano, which has been erupting more or
less continuously since 1983. In recent years, those eruptions …

Hawaii volcano lava flow threatens Big Island town, evacuation …

WJLA-27 Oct 2014
Explore in depth (2,204 more articles)
Japan could be destroyed within 100 years in volcanic eruption …

Daily Mail-25 Oct 2014
Japan could be wiped off the face of the earth by a massive volcanic eruption
some time in the next century killing almost all of its 127million …

Major Volcanic Eruption Could Make Japan ‘Extinct,’ Study Warns
Wall Street Journal (blog)-22 Oct 2014
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Enormous volcanic eruption could destroy Japan within 100yrs – study
RT-24 Oct 2014
About 95 percent of Japan’s population is at risk of being devastated by a major
volcanic eruption, which could happen “at any moment” within …

Massive volcanic eruption might wipe out Japan in 100 years: Study
Tech Times-22 hours ago
Scientists suggest there is one percent chance that a massive volcanic eruption
could destroy majority of Japan in the next 100 years.
Japan ‘extinct’? Huge volcanic eruption could wipe out country
Metro-27 Oct 2014
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Recent volcanic eruptions on the moon
Science AAAS-12 Oct 2014
The smooth pancake terrain in Sosigenes, a tub-shaped lunar depression, is
thought to be the result of volcanic eruptions just 18 million years …

Recent Violent Volcanic Eruptions Found on Mercury –Clues to …

The Daily Galaxy (blog)-13 Oct 2014
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The above was from a recent news search for Volcanic Eruptions. Why do they work the situation and how do they get the websites loaded with such stuff?

Just because a journalist writes claptrap like that we have to all end up on the front page where it belongs?

At the beginning of this spell there were very few eruptions. Since then a little has happened but nothing extra-ordinary. Of course it might -but it hasn’t. So we have to read about what could be, for our entertainment. What exactly are you being taught that could not be just as easily inculcated in the frames of the most gormless people you can imagine?


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