Someone sent me this one liner:

The agnostic, dyslexic, insomniac lies awake at night wondering if there really is a dog.

So I wrote back:

And is too full of self distrust or worth to ask him.

It has to be the funniest sickest joke ever.

And the punchline is that he never says no.

Why do we do that?

Is god up all night not listening to people not praying to him?
Just imagine what the Internet would be like if people so sure of their disbeliefs were brave enough to ask him.
Or is the problem that nobody takes time to listen to what answers there may not be?
Are we so easily convinced there is no god that we won’t believe in the answers no matter what they are?
That is likely. How many people have prayed to god just before going into battle?
Countless different gods not listening?
Or just the one controlling god answering but not being heard?
If men are brave enough to go to war, why not be brave enough to say “No” to a politician?
Politicians are wrong all the time. We call them “Liars” by default. That’s another sick joke. It’s an unholy trinity making brave men cowards. Only brave men can be stupid enough to follow a politician into battle and leave the politician at home with the whores and the best cooking in the largest city centres with all the best entertainment and restaurants to take their whores to. And they are in control of all the money and all the laws and make the final decisions for the generals to act on. And the definition of war in the first place, is failed politics.
Don’t believe me?
Why did we have World War 2 in the first place?
And what did the politicians decide on half way though it?
How many brave men were still to die, not knowing what they weren’t fighting for?
And how many agnostics and atheists since then have used those deaths to prove there is no god?
How could god answer such prayers?
That’s not bravery, either. That is stupidity!
Brave is where you face up to a riotous crowd of devils that have been misled by liars, priests and politicians -and tell them straight where they get off.
If men were brave enough to do that, there would be no more wars. There wouldn’t even be any more fighting.
If people were brave enough to stand up for what is right, landlords would look after their properties and thus their tenants, neighbours would help people under attack by thieves. We wouldn’t even need policemen. Fancy living in a place where you couldn’t beat your wife up when you felt like it.
Where you wouldn’t need to steal food.
Where you could buy a car that was worth having,not buy a horse that was knackered and could deal with anyone politely, in full confidence.
So why doesn’t it happen?
Because frightened, brave men lie in bed at night afraid to ask god if he really cares?
This is what a chart of disbelief looks like:
You can’t see the processes involved. It happens to be raining -as it has been most of the spell so far. It doesn’t say it is raining in England on the chart.
It doesn’t even show where volcanoes are active nor where earthquakes are going to occur. (Not as far as I know at least.)
To get a definitive answer about earthquakes and volcanoes we have to see three in a row. Otherwise, there is always an earthquake somewhere and volcanoes bleed molten rock and burp ash all the time.
With a striking event there must be three “like” systems in a row (at least three) and they must be well defined systems too. But such definition of finite systems means people are going to get hurt.
Fancy that!
If you play noughts and crosses with god, a win is where nobody dies and thus you can’t use the system to find the answer to religious questions. (A sensible man would ask for a reason for such “acts of god” that are “natural disasters”. I did and I am the worst kind of person as far as righteousness goes.) But there is one move that a mortal can use to get a win and nobody dies:
Just ask.
If you ask, you receive.
Now, for those incapable of asking, here are some permutations.
They are reduced to a few thousand for simplicity:
Real life is much more simple. The trend is usually written from right to left and starts at or near the bottom, moving upwards in a spiral. But occasionally they can come in from the bottom right.

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