I can see clearly now the rain has gone

Did I ever mention that you can forecast medium and large medium sized earthquakes from the NA-EFS?
I believe I have but the memory is slipping fast. I presume I have said the same about the North Atlantic. There is a good picture up at the moment:

2014/12/20         09:29:58         37.40         141.55         36.9         Mb         5.9         NEI         manual         Near east coast of easter
2014/12/20         09:26:59         37.38         141.74         50.0         Mwp         6.2         INGV         manual         Near east coast of easter.

I think this is eastern somewhere or other not Easter Island. I suppose I should look but that would be pointless research. I’ll leave that sort of thing to science. What is interesting is their appearances on the North Atlantic chart. Not mice, this stuff. Jagged edges and straight curves. Apparently going nowhere but of course they are harmonics, so don’t come and go as they please. And you must see where that leads.

Through a glass, dimly at present but soon closer acquainted no doubt. I don’t know what they will have to invent before any scientists get the message but things should be fairly clear to most of us by now. Some people want it to be some sort of magnetometer. I think that door is always going to be closed.

But one never knows does one?

1. Earthquakes always centre at the end of a front.

2. These dual quakes always have the same signature: Two parallel fronts. And the latter can only be so and so close together. Obviously they are conjoined somewhere.

How on earth do they manage that?

Parallel fronts meet up all the time. Look at occlusions. Imagine an occluded front as a whip. Sooner or later the end of the whip is going to crack. Usually it’s thunder but sometimes the report is subterranean. Or did you imagine that Rossby waves only occur at high altitude?

Ah well, that’s enough lecturing from me for the time being. I’ll be along later to fill in the blanks with stolen copyright pictures. Just imagine I am Sony and have a perfect right to publish them granted me by the Attorney General of Mississippi or somewhere.

I wonder if I can get weather charts from North Korea?

British ones?

That would be cool.


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