Boy! That was unexpected too.

The charts from Australia become acneyed in this run:

30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.162 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.156 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.150 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.144 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.138 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.132 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.126 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.120 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.114 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.108 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.102 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.096 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.090 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.084 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.078 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.072 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.066 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.060 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.054 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.048 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.042 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.036 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.030 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.024 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.018 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.012 30 December 2014.IDY20001.mslp-precip.006

Yes, I know we don’t spell acne-ed that way but I was not spelling acne-ed.

What I believe to be happening to cause this causes a generally useless state of affairs with the NA-EFS chart too:

2014123000_360 2014123000_336 2014123000_312 2014123000_288 2014123000_264 2014123000_240 2014123000_216 2014123000_192 2014123000_168 2014123000_144 2014123000_120 2014123000_096 2014123000_072 2014123000_048 2014123000_024

Sorry about the why that these are displayed. Generally the high colour charts are the farthest off and thus last to appear on the web. There is a problem with my OS I don’t know how to fix, nor want to bother with curing.

What you are looking at in the last two charts are the first two forecasts. You can see a large complex Low in the region of the Great Lakes.  (Isn’t Great Lakes a typically American name for geography? Bloody yanks think they own the whole world. You own just a large part of it, anybody can do that -even the bloody English did that; Damnit!) This is both a relation of tornadoes and a precursor to volcanic activity Popocatépetl not withstanding.

The North Atlantic looks more or less as it has looked for the last few days:

21237519 21233819 21233727 21233594 21233199 21232804 21232763 21230873

I am not sure what order these are in, the best thing for me to do is for you to download them yourself if they upset you that much, you lazy sod!

Now you have made me forget what else I was going to say. Good job this is my website so that I can come back and edit it when I remember.

What I also forgot was that the following make the butterflies normally seen in singularities look monochromatic. Here is a “dual” (think Rorschach inkblots) an no I don’t know what a dual is some sort of a toroidal spiral perhaps?

gfs.npac.horiz.precip.NaN.2014123000.144 gfs.npac.horiz.precip.NaN.2014123000.132 gfs.npac.horiz.precip.NaN.2014123000.120 gfs.npac.horiz.precip.NaN.2014123000.114 gfs.npac.horiz.precip.NaN.2014123000.108 gfs.npac.horiz.precip.NaN.2014123000.102 gfs.npac.horiz.precip.NaN.2014123000.096 gfs.npac.horiz.precip.NaN.2014123000.090 gfs.npac.horiz.precip.NaN.2014123000.084 gfs.npac.horiz.precip.NaN.2014123000.078 gfs.npac.horiz.precip.NaN.2014123000.072 gfs.npac.horiz.precip.NaN.2014123000.066 gfs.npac.horiz.precip.NaN.2014123000.060 gfs.npac.horiz.precip.NaN.2014123000.054 gfs.npac.horiz.precip.NaN.2014123000.048 gfs.npac.horiz.precip.NaN.2014123000.042 gfs.npac.horiz.precip.NaN.2014123000.036 gfs.npac.horiz.precip.NaN.2014123000.030 gfs.npac.horiz.precip.NaN.2014123000.024 gfs.npac.horiz.precip.NaN.2014123000.018 gfs.npac.horiz.precip.NaN.2014123000.012 gfs.npac.horiz.precip.NaN.2014123000.006

What I do know about the above is that the stuff on the western side of the Pacific is going the wrong way. Also the North Atlantic has a tornadic front signal in it that is not going to go through a pair of anticyclones (about which I have written a few times, if not extensively.) I may be inveigled to describe the activity again -if only because I like the word inveigled. But for now, I am going to bed (which is where I do my best work, despite what the bible cautions on that.)


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