When things go wrong.

This is actually an advert for a medical preparation I just found out about on TED. I don’t know how good it is but things have been going wrong for me ever since I mooted that the next big quake would be in or near the Moluccan Islands. (Indonesia.) Generally, when things go wrong on this scale there is a large problem in Earth’s matrix. Something is going to act to stop gravity for a very short while as the orbital mathematics is reset.

Such realignments generally take something like 10 to 30 seconds or so to accomplish most of the work involved and the re-bedding of the new orbit can go on to take several days of further, lesser jolts whilst the various knock-on effects are redistributed throughout the solar system. (It is very unlikely that the orbit of Earth can get so far out of whack that only the earth is that deeply involved. And even if it is, action and reaction being equal and opposite the following 3 or 4 days from a Super-Quake has knock on effects.)

What generally tends to happen is several hundred thousand people get badly hurt and killed. Perhaps the death toll might be drastically reduced if “at risk” coastal stations could be rapidly supplied with bio-restorative gel?

I gather the product isn’t yet considered fit for pigs. Personally I think that a huge batch should be made available immediately and the stock returned to base or some military reserve following the crisis, until it passes health and safety issues. (The phrase: Any port in a storm! comes to mind.)

It is both a lot to ask and yet considering the normal routine of government waste on military equipment, not.


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