Amang (Mekkhala)

When a tropical storm occurs in Phillipines waters, the Philippines weather agency names the storm according to local customs. This is why you may have been a little confused about the eventual demise of Tropical storm (once super-typhoon) Mekkhala. Even the term Typhoon (though in common use) may be changed to the Philippines term for a tropical storm.


Notice the frequencies of the smaller storms spinning off from the main one.


I think it fascinating that a storm could bounce off some landforms and cross others. We have still got a lot to learn.

Treemaster Zen

The noblest vegetable.

When you look at a picture of trees, what do see?

I was inspired by a thread on to write this thread. Someone wanted to know how to find south in the dark.

A tree starts life as a flower does. Almost no consideration is given to gravity. It is planted by squirrels, rats and crows or even just falls to the ground near its parent. (And some are blown and washed away to bring fruit to a different place.)

These days in Britain, whole forests are planted by tractor with no consideration given to ideal circumstances for the individual. A trench is carved out for watering a batch of hundreds then a square is filled by the men working for the company doing the work. It is hard, repetitive work and the men are paid by the hundred or by the thousand, depending on conditions.

But the growth patterns are more or less the same.

In the beginning a seedling will grow towards the light and pay no attention to what it is going to look like nor what it is going to have to pay in compensation in its maturity for the choice of growth-site. Most land is on hills. All forest in Britain is on hills, in places where growing cattle is not profitable, in really abstruse regions of difficult to access countryside.

The tree grows and the trunk forms, taking the mass of vegetation in the wrong direction. As it gets heavier it realises that further growth thataway is going to fell it, so it leans back a mite. Next year it leans back further. Somehow it has appreciated that it was going in the wrong direction and corrected itself.

Next the branches take an interest in its development.

Initially they too grew longest towards the light. They still do. It isn’t something they can control. They were designed by god to grow fruitful and be merry. They were not told to halt for the sake of balance. The trunk has got to do that sort of thinking. Some thing -or some One has taught it how. (When the branches grow long enough they fall as fruit for the fire. The tree makes no effort to rescue them.)

Slowly, in ways that are wonderful, the trunk of the tree aims north. The tree grows with a set of beautiful sinuous curves that to a man are somewhat sexy. A man can love a forest. I am not talking about sexual deviancy but about heartfelt desire to worship nature. To love, literally love, one’s environment. It is part of the reason people become nuisances on the Internet, when they learn about glowballs.

Some lying bitch came up with the idea that we could pretend the world was warming and get people like them worked up to fury. (Maybe it is just because Margaret Thatcher reminds me so much of my wife that I hate her legacy with such a passion but the more I find out about the con, the more and more I hate her for what she has done to us.)

I have just been told to remove all my hate from this thread. That I am blaming a government for what is really our individual position on a theory and that is unfair. But it seems to me that when governments teach us lies, that is the time we should consider removing them, not removing rants about them.

The fact remains that she controlled our environment in her illegal activities against coal miners.

None the less, I shall say no more on that subject. You can find out more about that for yourselves if you just look. My critic reckons I am original enough a writer but too full of poison. The problem is that we have all been poisoned. But OK. Maybe it is too much for children like you to take in without you having a better eduction. Get one then, FOOL!

Let’s get back to the trees.

Trees are attached to the soil by fungi. They are a cladding of tubes which, like the earth they are rooted in, is founded upon nothing. We too are a tube. A doughnut of meat and bones enclosing a ring of shit. That shit goes back to the ground and is nurturing to the trees.

The soil system, with all the fungal rot it contains, dilutes our shit so the tree isn’t poisoned with too much richness. We humans get poisoned by wealth as well as lies, in case you hadn’t realised it. (Some money is necessary to oil the wheels of our lives and to put a little in reserve for the rainy days is also good for the economy and to check our balance but if your life is centred on making money, you should get out into the forests and onto the beaches of this planet and see what you are missing.

If you are deeply into looking after the environment, you may need to go the other way and make a little money while you get a recharge on the essential oils of life. And through all this, the trees are growing thick and healthy. A century passes then another. Three human lifetimes and they are mature.

An herd of trees swaying in the wind is one of the most relaxing things on the planet. They don’t move far, you will usually find they are still in more or less the same place you left them the next time you go back to them. More stalwart that any soldiers.

Trees do move, they sway logarithmically. The tops bend huge distances while the stumps barely move. There is a reason for this. The tree moves as a windmill. The upper storey has to pump it all to and from the roots to the sky. Water, air, food; up and down. And the last thing to get fed and watered is the top few twigs.

In a strong wind the aerofoil shape of the leaves twist them out of the way and the branches lose power. In winter when the winds are strong and the soil wet, there are no leaves at all on most trees. The same thing repeats in the tropics -which don’t have winters. It all happens for the same reasons. Something has told the trees about the water cycle.

And here is the odd thing, there is no such thing as a water cycle without trees. Without trees there is no seasonality. We are just learning what eradication of trees does to climate. Just in time to notice that Marga… OK not that way….

It takes hundreds of years for trees to mature. Once mature you can cut them back to the stump and replace what you stole with twigs planted in that stump and in a few years the tree is a full blown sapling once more maybe more than half a dozen of them. But cut them ALL down and burn them, then ruin the land for their production in the future and in another century the land will react so badly it will throw us off it.

Wait and see. Wait in the forest and you will see.

When the climate changed in the past and vomited the people off it they became refugees in another land. Alien residents that eventually became a part of the new culture and sooner or later became a part of its history. But what happens to the people when you remove all the trees everywhere?

Trees are as relaxing as watching the waves on a beach. The only thing that matches them is the way that a summer breeze rolls over newly grown cereal crops approaching harvest time when everything is nearly ripe yet still virginal. But the trees can relax you any time of the year. It is a trick of the rolling logarithms.

Wow! I never saw this one yesterday

I will post the 4 charts I sent to Anonymous user after showing you the following. They resulted in her telling me off for my bad language. This is the first chart of today’s Bureau of Meteorology. All I can say is that I wish I had collected the charts from the previous run. They do a 6 am set of charts and a 6 pm one. I like to get the 6am one as it makes building animations of a long period a little easier.

I missed this build up:

16 January 2015.IDY20001.mslp-precip.006

This is everything, really.The numbers around the square are the lines of longitude in 20 degree intervals. The Greenwich Meridian is the one marked “0” on the left in the middle of the side. Below it is 20 degrees West and below that is 40 degrees West and so on half way around the block.

Above the Greenwich meridian are the degrees East they go around the other way and meet the Western ones at 180 degrees (middle of the right hand side as you look at it.)

OK, so now we all know where we are, the cyclone I want you to look at is on the 20 degree East longitude, directly underneath Africa. The line of blue running through it is precipitation (mist, rain or snow or other words for “water in the sky”.)

When a jet of precipitate runs straight in like that it is a sure sign of an impending earthquake. It goes in along the shortest possible route and arrives with a bang. There is more to it than that of course. Earthquakes run in series. Here is the previous earthquake series:

2015/01/16 5.0 Mb VANUATU
2015/01/16 4.8 Mb RYUKYU ISLANDS, JAPAN
2015/01/15 4.4 Mb Kuril Islands
2015/01/15 4.2 Mb Ukraine-Moldova-SW Russ
2015/01/15 4.6 Mb FIJI REGION

Each series starts with a quake around Fiji or one of the islands nearby and ends with a quake at or near PNG or Indonesia. This one appears to have ended with a quake at Japan and the next series is about to run from Vanuatu. They usually take a couple of hours to post a report of an earthquake. This is how long it takes to verify a quake and get it’s approximate position and strength.

And then it is passed to other users such as SED.

Or of course, I got it wrong again.

16 January 2015.IDY20001.mslp-precip.060 16 January 2015.IDY20001.mslp-precip.054

These others are just so many make-weights that I need to show you what else is happening. But I am nodding off having been up most of the night and I am going to be making a mess of all this if I am not careful.

I will finish it off later.

16 January 2015.IDY20001.mslp-precip.048 16 January 2015.IDY20001.mslp-precip.042 16 January 2015.IDY20001.mslp-precip.036 16 January 2015.IDY20001.mslp-precip.030 16 January 2015.IDY20001.mslp-precip.024 16 January 2015.IDY20001.mslp-precip.018 16 January 2015.IDY20001.mslp-precip.012