It isn’t snowing on Boston

From another rant on Usenet:

On Thursday, 12 February 2015 01:57:40 UTC, Weatherlawyer  wrote:
> It remains to be seen what happens next of course. The region is on the shore near enough to include tropical storms in the remit.
> But being shoreside doesn’t preclude volcanism.
> To stand a chance of following me you’d have to already have followed me. (Sorry ’bout dat. (Not.))

I have been trying to look at news of snow in Boston but of course the websites Google direct me to are so larded with shit I can’t bear them. So here goes a punt in the dark:

I was just contemplating the warm weather we are experiencing here, where it has been relatively warm and dry due to the Blocked High weather in the North Atlantic. I was wondering how it might be possible to have the volcanoes that we should be having with the moon at its minimum declination cycle.

It never occurred to me that the opposite effect to Britain’s Blocking Highs is North Eastern USA’s Blocked Lows. I gather the worst of the weather managed to fall on one of its major cities. Due to sloppy journalism of course the USA is only going to gets its usual xenophobic reportage.

Only the very worst news get airtime there unless it involves people who tell lies for a living. Oh wait, I’m sure I could have phrased that better….

The other thing I was thinking about as my computer got switched on was how regionality played so large a part in disasters in days before the railways reduced national reactions to imbalance. And that in the days when there was no one watching our lords and masters they could do what they liked. Or ignore what they didn’t want to see.

Not all that long ago before we realised that the NSA was controlling Google and Facebook we still managed to get rid of half of our lords and masters including the Speaker of the House, when it came to light what a load of petty pilfering was going on amongst them.

How apt that the cranks and nut cases should be on the other end of the problem with the internet. The major nodes (controlled by Rupert Murdoch and the various branches of secret governance will tell us one thing and the people like me will say another. And never the twain shall meet.

There isn’t too much danger to today’s bitter harvest. The rich countries seldom suffer from food shortages due to flood or drought and a little cold this time of the year won’t hurt any agriculture in northern climes. A hard winter is considered good for the rest of the year in higher latitudes.

We can’t say the same for tropical weather but our lords and masters are adept at making deals with their lords and masters so who cares?

In something like 7 months we will begin to hear how reality bites; who gets to eat and who gets bitten. These things are slated to occur at “the time of the end” not because god is unhappy with us but because we have been left to ourselves. Those who do the right things will be seen for who they are and those who do the wrong things will be seen for who they are.

Deal with it. It is going global but it is in your own neighbourhood where your reactions will be seen for what they are. There will be an awful lot of wrong things to deal with in a corrupt world, so far from the god of its ancestors.

This’ going to be fun. I can’t wait.

Seriously though. The weather is affecting the state not the town. And if it wasn’t winter there would be a hardship upon the people whose shoulders the rest of us climb over the farmers and the fishermen of the region. What is of most importance though is how the make nothings of the world fare on the streets of Boston. Never mind the factories on the wrong side of the tracks.

Snow falls according the streams set up by two unlike weather systems a cyclone and an anticyclone lying alongside each other. Everything else is trivia. Here is what it looks like on a global scale:

12 February 2015.image12 12 February 2015.image11 12 February 2015.image10 12 February 2015.image09 12 February 2015.image08 12 February 2015.image07 12 February 2015.image06 12 February 2015.image05 12 February 2015.image04 12 February 2015.image03 12 February 2015.image02 12 February 2015.image01


Seriously North America, I just looked up “North America Weather”. Where are you? You seem to have your heads shoved so far up your backsides that you can’t face yourselves! No wonder that nobody there knows or cares for anything but Fox journalism. There IS nothing but Foxed journalism in North America.

You are all The Simpsons.

All that volcanic crap falling on Cascadia is mirrored on the other coast of the continent by snow falling everywhere there. Hasn’t anybody noticed?


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