How hurricanes work part 3

A few days ago I wrote that I was subject to a genius. For some time now, (many years)

I have been aware of an opposite force willingly acting on me and on many others and on agencies too, not just individuals. It is the force of evil. And it serves to blind people to the truth about our circumstances, our environment and our behaviours.

I wrote that if I I had a genius for this thing we call weather, I would ask AND receive answers to questions about it. Unfortunately for me I would also receive a spirit of truth commanding my dispersal of the truths so received. And at last I can no longer hold back what the messenger is telling me. (Like I stated earlier we have to be careful what we ask for.)

Unless you want to end up with a long-winded tome about a lot of hot air.

So it is with a spirit of lugubriousness I have to tell you about an agency that delights in hoodwinking us with arm-waving. I shall call it the English method of arm waving and hope the individual caught in the act will forgive me for pointing him out. A few days before I promised to tell you how hurricanes work the BBC had announced that it would no longer be a customer of the British Meteorological Office.

I very much doubt that this would put an end to the hand-waving. Their relationship, very much that of the Greek school of philosophy is one of Socratic armwaving:

About 1 ½ minutes into the armwaving here for instance, you will find the Blue Peter School of thought on the subject:

Just after he announces that not all hurricanes work like this he goes on to tell us that in this case a thunderstorm at sea just happens to passover a patch of ocean at just the right temperature.

Not all Egyptian babies were killed at Passover. Just at the particular time of the first one it just happened there was some armwaving.

There was a coincidence that is hard to explain if true, these arms were handling a paint brush of sorts and during the coincidence they waved some ovidine blood on some door posts.

As it happened another genius happened by at that time it was a truth instructor like the one I am telling you about; he was called the Angel of Death. (Not his real name (I presume) it is my belief that these genie are rather shy about revealing their names.) And it so happened that he had been instructed to ignore any households, Egyptian or Hebrew, that had been painted with lamb blood.

It may not appear very nice that the Creator of the Universe should have a direct hand in killing babies but unfortunately shit happens and if you don’t want to let it happen again you had better start painting instead of just handwaving. (Boy am I glad that to be a Master of the Universe, you don’t have to wear your clothing a la Marvel Comics.)

The world is full of monkeys who will wave their arms violently in the faces of anyone preparing for a Passover or even to be inclined towards asking god for anything. In fact they will have become so furious with my prattle on the subject that like you they will not read on.

Read on:

It is no coincidence that a patch of warm water happened to be prepared to receive the would be hurricane, just like it is no coincidence that the air above was also prepared to be calm and moist. so that hurricanes can form.

A few days ago I also mentioned that we would have a series of severe tropical storms because I had seen a cloud formation over England called Mare’s Tails.

These clouds are ice clouds that occur at height, very near the tropopause. They are the product of calm air. All hurricanes are the progeny of a weather phenomena called overcast. This is a type of cloud related to Standing Waves and goes a great deal of the way to explaining the other inexplicable rule of Hurricanes: Blocking Lows and Blocking Highs.

(Look that one up for any signs of hand wavery.)

Before I was kicked off a geology forum at Reddit I was in full flow in the art of thaumaturgy. As it happened the earthquake I had forecast for the purpose of my expulsion was only a Magnitude 6 or so; I believe I was claiming it would be an M. 7. I certainly thought it would be and was upset enough to retire with my tail between my legs, as it wasn’t.

Which brings me back to the BBC/Met Office biome and the occult of political manipulation of the weather. Yes folks, it really does happen!

Hurricanes are not a product of glowballs warming, neither are earthquakes, they are proofs that god loves us and wants us to be happy. All we have to do to rectify matters is stop ruining the entire earth.

We should get together in a spirit of harmony and start building thorium nuclear furnaces to sate our desire for warmth and cooked food and spare our forests, particularly our mountain forests.

Meanwhile back at the BBC Aubrey Manning wrote a series of lectures on the geology of the planet earth. I must admit I enjoyed it immensely at the time, however it is too full of the hand waving to the god of monkeys (that is the Marque of the BBC) for me to enjoy it any longer. But I am not forcing anyone else to refrain:

Check out you tube for BBC videos of Earth Story narrated by Aubrey Manning.

(Whilst I am on the subject of genius let me tell you about what can happen when we are false to its power:

You CAN alter the behaviour of volcanoes by planting trees in their vicinity and you can alleviate earthquake problems the same way. Modern science has left us unable to come to a knowledge of the truth.)

I really enjoy listening to Aubrey manning and it annoys the hell out of me that he is stupidly missing out on genius because of his ignorance.

On the subject of videos; if I could just go back to the Kent Hovind videos I was discussing earlier:

Genesis chapter one, verse one starts just prior to the time of this video and immediately discusses the engineering technique required to bring about the light which we see here in day three. But let me direct your attention to day two in Genesis verse 9 and let you work out for yourself the magnanimity of a chronology that is beyond the comprehension of monkeys:

Sadly you can not live by video alone, you have to do some reading. Fortunately it isn’t too bad:

Air above the oceans is calmer than air above land. Especially over the eastern Pacific in the summertime, due to a layer of hot air that settles 500 to 700 meters above that region of the ocean. This creates a temperature inversion, placing a cap on the cooler air below, trapping pollutants and water vapour responsible for the smog that reduces air quality in Los Angeles. But it allows for the formation of long lasting ship tracks.

The particulate from ships enters the air above the eastern Pacific and create long, thin clouds that remain there for days.

Coakley and his colleagues began a general survey of the ship tracks with satellite imagery. They took a number of images of the eastern Pacific using the Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR). Built and managed by NOAA

Multiple copies of this satellite instrument now circle the Earth in near-polar orbits.

Which is why we are able to have a meaningful discussion of tropical storms and also why the deplorable situation of the BBC continues to undermine it.