Sequences and consequences

I spent a while trying to find out the connections between the gap in the list of earthquakes of 5.5 M. and volcanic eruptions. There seems to be a clear link with the gaps and 1. Tropical Storms and 2. Line-Storms. And the Line storms always lead to volcanic eruptions.

The distinction between elNino and laNina seasons is a problem. No least is the fact I don’t believe in the so called southern oscillation.

The wather for any day is caused by the conditions of the day and not on previous statistics. Climatologists mislead us with the stupid idea that weather can cause weather. It does work for extremes when too much sun stops grass growing. Once a desert has been created it is difficult o turn the clock back. The rains forget to fall on time.  and the desert turns ito the Sahara.

Only s soon as it rains -paradise blossoms. So there is more too it. I have been up all night and am washed out. I have more to show you if you would care to come back later. but here is something for you to think about:


Wednesday according to this chart from Australia will have the makings of a powerful Tropical storm in it. Those straight lines under Australia mean that. But what causes it. If it is caused by local conditions how is the sea surface temperature of 29 degrees Centigrade (that is the number one condition for Tropical Storms) provided by the weather on this chart.?

At a constant minus 2 to plus 2 degrees, the temperature is set up by god to never vary more than those 4 degrees. Never. Yet the isobars show immense changes coming. How?

Here is the rest of the run, grab it while you can:

And here is what I wasted my time with:

I should do one with data I can access; 2009 or something. This what the Southern oceans looked like on the 17th of May 2016:


It is a state of flux that shows the planet was not going through any vigorous activity. All the cyclones are pretty much doing their own thing. A few days later Roanu:


The same chart on the day:IDY20001.mslp-precip.006

Nothing like it was it but look:


The cyclones are all connected by nearly parallel lines. these are called isobars a way of depicting places that all have the same pressure. And there is a lot going on in this besides a gale in the Indian Ocean:

The Antarctic is more or less enclosed by these parallel isobars. They indicate a system that is known in both the Atlantic and the pacific as Blocking. In this case the so called block was a weather front or a series of them:

21 May 2016.5

In this case it is not clear what I am talking about is not the cyclone (Which a common form of blocking.)  Cyclones like this always appear in both the Pacific and the Atlantic with a tropical storm. When it is more intense there is a blocking anticyclone with it.

The front associated with Line Storms is an “n” shape made up of a cold front (blue triangles) and a warm front  red “D” shapes.)



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