What happens nexit?

Whilst it is still possible to see Britain as the USA’s Mussolini despite the apparent conflicting roles:

It has to be remembered that traditional right wing Tory governments tend to give unelected British Prime Ministers autocracy. Unfortunately the puppet chosen recently craves power for her pet: GCHQ.

One of the steps in her way is that the amount of power that Cabinet Ministers can have is limited by finances to  (well it doesn’t matter how much.) But the stupid posts are the first to go. So now as Climate Change waxes out of favour it becomes the Department of Making Windmills. And the new overseer of all our passions has this to say:

“I am thrilled to have been appointed to lead this new department charged with delivering a comprehensive industrial strategy, leading government’s relationship with business, furthering our world-class science base, delivering affordable, clean energy and tackling climate change.”

Just in time to see how he handles this:


It starts off quietly but don’t miss those twins under Australia or that other one for dark matter. Here it is again:


Once more for emphasis?


Only with this one, you get to watch what happens when twins like the first one approach a well known constriction. But it isn’t over yet:


And here is the 14th blowing over, will he take the opportunity to cull the wet-sheep?

Too much to hope for in the time allowed:



Do you suppose a penny pinching politician will be looking to sell off some flowerpots whose Shamans are taking the Michael Mann?

I’d like to show you today’s charts but I will have to wait until Australia comes out of hibernation:

http://www.bom.gov.au/australia/charts/viewer/index.shtml?type=mslp-precip&tz=UTC&area=SH&model=G&chartSubmit=Refresh+View is still showing the 14th. It is ten thirty in the morning here. What time do you Aussies wake up?

Are you going to fix this problem or is it something to do with a certain University in Queensland?

I just sent that off. Suppose they think I was being funny with them?

They’d be right.

But it does blow over:


Just, not just yet:


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