This is where I came in

December 7, 1988 07:41 Spitak, Armenia
see 1988 Armenian earthquake

All the other ones, the

July 27, 1976 19:42 Tangshan, China
see 1976 Tangshan earthquake

and the

December 23, 1972 06:29 Managua, Nicaragua
see 1972 Nicaragua earthquake

I had to look them up in the Libraries near where I lived. Not just one library I had to hunt for them all over the place, second hand bookshops everywhere, in all sorts of obscure hard to understand and some (LOTS of) wrong books. Climatology ones “pot boilers” -rubbish made to sell lies to childrennot for any reason at the time but because they could, just to make a few quid out of education for political ends.

I eventually found a precursor to the Internet; something called Keesings Archives. Then I had to hunt for old newspapers  where those folders had pointed to, aboutstuff that might have useful links in them hoping that they had not happened on a weekend when that library was closed. Hundreds of stupidly hacked artilces mainly created to sell news-type.

And then cycle or walk five or ten miles in the other direction to find a book that might help me explain what else was going on..

All I knew about it was that it was tidal and not god’s fault. And that I was sure he would help me find answers. If only I could get myself square with him. But I couldn’t. Instead I had to keep begging for more spirit all the time falling down hopelessly.

And getting back up. Not knowing about holy spirit and how to manage it. Too bloody late now!!

(Or is it?)

The sun is shining. There has been a volcanic eruption and I got the earthquake from the last blog wrong. I might be able to start again after all.


All these others were also rans even this one that passed me by at the time:

October 17, 1989 17:04 local time Loma Prieta, California, United States
see 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake

But I was learning. I was still learning stupid things about the tide; trying to ram my head into my own hole. I almost made it in too. But thankfully god had mercy on me and I got it back out.

But I learned some good things along the way. I learned what causes singularities and one day that will help someone better than me to understand the weather.

Now all I have to do is die and move out of the way. I will be sad to go. But if that is how it’s got to be that is how it has got to be. I don’t think Newton clinbed up on the shoulders of giants, he just stumbled out of their cold dead hands. And stood over their graves.

Midnight is zero all the home things happen there.

One o’clock is wet weather, half an hour later it buckets down.

Two o’clock or more readily: Two-thirty is a time for Tornadoes. (See the contrails grow and the cloud striations.)

Three o’clock and the nines, the sixes and twelves too; all of them are partial to thunder and volcanoes and earthquakes… you need to watch out with all of them as well as with the.

Fives and Sevens

Fives are Anticyclonic sun by Seven, Rain by eleven. You have to find out what that means for yourself









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