The Derecho

Anyway the derecho begins in Asia as a tropical storm. It crosses the Pacific by moving through the Berent Sea as an Aleutian Low:

<a href=””><img class=”aligncenter size-full wp-image-3835″ src=”; alt=”” width=”468″ height=”312″ /></a>


It may go around the Arctic Ocean a time or two, I have yet to follow it closely but when it eventually arrives back in the Pacific, it as grown in power the deepened cyclone has literally gathered a storm.


In the journey from A to B, cyclones and anticyclones avoid one another. They take totally different paths because they follow along different fronts. (What were you expecting of them?)


That they would get together and ease each other’s pain?


Maybe when the lion lays down with the lamb that will happen but until then lambs are only going to lie down IN the lion.

IDY20000.mslp-precip.030This add media  mess is not working for me very well. Anyway these charts came from Australia


Locate the dark mass in North America and find the lighter system to the left of and below it marked “H”


Rather than adding together the way  pair of cyclones may, an anticyclone drops out of the sky onto the region of the cyclone. Cyclones are doing the opposite they rise from the sea surface as heat drives them. This makes them much more powerful than anticyclones and allows them to push them around.


It also allows cyclones to buzz anticyclones as in a carburettor and to suck on them

This Venturi Effect draws on the High and in this case allows it to climb over the Rockies, in so doing the rotation imparted (I can only guess how) changes them into cyclones but they don’t fully lose their identity. Such cyclones are extra-ordinarily dry  (I presume?)

And that is the explanation for the looped image from Unisys at the head of this post. The cyclone that draws them in opens out rather than deepens. In a process I am not certain of, I think it is slightly different to cyclosis; a form of cyclogenesis in fact. And that is probably why a derecho of any moment is followed by a magnificent volcanic display as from Bogoslof.

Notice that Bogoslof is in the Aleutians and that is where the venturi display took place it is also where earthquakes follow any deep low leaving the North American continent anywhere from the Carolinas to Newfoundland:

I have been posting here for some time now but their server just dropped a thread I spent too long building. Which is why I came to write this one here. I don’t know why I have so many blogs it just happened I suppose. (IIRC I was trying to create on with a name i wanted but they were all taken.)


Anyway now you know what causes derechos, let me tell you about the much more interesting religious bits please:

There is a god and if you don’t believe me, just ask him for yourself!

He is the person that tells me about all this stuff. You can ask him for what you would like to know about. He hears all prayers;  you don’t, so take care and don’t be afraid. . .



2 thoughts on “The Derecho

  1. I am not happy with the way all these images got lost then reappeared but I have no time to sort them out all over again. Besides I am planning to start a Video account on You tube or somewehere. Youtube suffers badly from emf when there is large volcanic activity so….

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