My meteorlogical skills are basic at best that is why I keep to sea level besides, that is where all the best stuff happens. Look at the bottom line and you won’t go too far wrong:


In this case, the bottom line IS Antarctica. The setting for the run is “precipitation ” and I chose to look at the sea-level. They go to the trouble of running several different heights and several different meteorological phenomena on their server.


This setting allows us to see how the rotational forces are operating on both the individual cyclones and the continent as an whole. Allow me to guess at their description…IDY20000.mslp-precip.018

There are two major circulation patterns that tend to occur. In this one, the whole sea surface tends to draw the cyclonic forces apart and carry them around the coastline before they have much chance to deepen.IDY20000.mslp-precip.024

I must admit I am guilty of not paying much attention to the pressures the individual cyclones reach. I am more interested in the overall pattern. I am sure that a more diligent student will draw a lot more interesting stuff from closer attention than I can afford in this lifetime.IDY20000.mslp-precip.030

All I can say is “Go for it.” and wish you the very best of British. I hope I am here long enough to become jealous.IDY20000.mslp-precip.036

The dark masses are not pressure systems alone but are composed as far as I can make out of water content. (Down there this will be mostly ice.)IDY20000.mslp-precip.042

Once it gets past the warm pools for the Doldrums where early explorers used to head out in their fleets, in time to dispose of dead horses (rather than eat them) The cyclonic weather along with the airborne debris from South American rivers, is streamed into the currents circulating the continent.IDY20000.mslp-precip.048

Whilst the trade winds are called the Roaring ’40’s, the roaring ’60’s can be far more boisterous!IDY20000.mslp-precip.054

But pay attention to the streamlines.IDY20000.mslp-precip.060

Air pressure does not look they way it feels. As pressure intensifies, it develops its own air-foils and air-dams in reaction to the geography. Some of which it forms for itself.IDY20000.mslp-precip.066

Against a shoreline for example, an onshore breeze

A sea breeze or onshore breeze is a gentle wind blowing from sea toward land, that develops over bodies of water near land due to differences in air pressure created by their different heat capacity. It is a common occurrence along coasts during the morning as solar radiation heats the land more quickly than the water.IDY20000.mslp-precip.072

Antarctica deals with gentle breezes by scaring the  **** out of them; the skid marks they leave behind corresponding to cols in more sober climes.IDY20000.mslp-precip.078

The patterns cols make in gentler regions are “x shapes” made up of the separation between Highs and Lows.IDY20000.mslp-precip.084

The same is true here but the Highs are not high enough to be anticyclones, for whatever the physics involved.IDY20000.mslp-precip.090

I am pretty sure it must have something to do with ice content in airflows at sea level pressures (or for that matter the rotation imparted into any air-stream at any height by large amounts of ice?)IDY20000.mslp-precip.096

Thinking about it now (for the first time) the compression is similar to that of the jet engine and must create huge amounts of heat that changes the air’s dynamic as it melts the ice in it.IDY20000.mslp-precip.102

I wonder how explosive such minute crystals of pure water can be?IDY20000.mslp-precip.108

As the ice evaporates the cyclone eyes tend to expand and the outer wall of the vortex becomes unstable.IDY20000.mslp-precip.114

Expanding as far as the doldrums allows the outer layer of air to fall away. Where it can assume its preferred rotation.IDY20000.mslp-precip.120


there is always South America…IDY20000.mslp-precip.126

Whilst I may have succeeded in describing the evolution of the ice. I have not yet managed to predict the knock on effect of such phenomena.IDY20000.mslp-precip.132

I know that they mean the development of huge storms elsewhere and along with tornadoes; volcanoes.

But where?IDY20000.mslp-precip.138

Even though the Internet has removed the Dark Ages from the data available to man. It has not removed the heebie jeebies of thinking something new. All too often that becomes the work of the next generation.IDY20000.mslp-precip.144

Well get busy, kids; there is never enough time and with youth it tends to seem infinite.IDY20000.mslp-precip.150

But it isn’t.

Good luck and may god bless you, you are attempting to unravel the work of the angels.


April 2017.947.100.gif


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