One of the first things I noticed about the North Atlantic charts is that:

Before an earthquake occurs, the Blocking Lows in the North Atlantic show the blackened signs of compression when an earthquake is due. And that the distance to the earthquake is going to be somewhere 80 degrees from the centre of the darkest mass of isobars.

Another thing that I noticed, at around that time, was that earthquakes often seem to line up on a globe. I specify a “globe” because on a two dimensional atlas of the kind that most people are familiar with, such lines are slightly curved as if arranged along Rumb Lines.

A case in point are the low magnitude earthquakes available on the Iris charts just now:


Look at the ones that run from Oklahoma through Oregon to Unimak in the Aleutian chain (or do I mean any one of the adjacent ones up in the North Pacific like the ones in the line from Central Alaska to Andreanof (or do I mean Kuril Islands.)

Rhumb Lines are spirals used by navigators to make sense of the square grids used in Cartesian cartographics.
Who know; maybe they would make sense out of the spiral warm fronts housed in Blocking Lows that precede these earthquakes.

Speaking of earthquakes I can’t recall the last time we had so many chart corrections on the North Atlantic runs. Not even during the spate of super-quakes we cycled through, before these perpetual volcanic eruptions:

13.14 May 2017

I would ask for an explanation from if I wasn’t being ignored by the Fake News there.
So instead, I draw the conclusion that the charts have been manipulated to take into consideration the butterfly effect of data that the models are not organised to show to wit:
The explosive contradictions that input from Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions cause.

But back to the NA-EFS; which is back up to scratch after yesterday’s noteworthy slow-down:


This is a print screen to show you which boxes to tick to get the right set of charts open. These things are stored on an open server for a few days and might be worth looking at.

I can see that there is a large, if not a severe, earthquake due in the next 24 or so hours. (<7.) And the purpose of today's thread is to use what I hope I have recently learned from watching volcanoes to predict the direction along which it may most likely occur.

I know that it is hardly a demonstration of my faith that I use weasel word like might and may or likely but I do not know any more about any of this than god and his angels have chosen to demonstrate to us mere mortals, how miracles work this century.

What, for example, is the matter of faith if it not a conviction without more obvious evidence. It isn’t confidence; Jesus sent out his disciples for their first outing entirely lacking in faith, except that they be confident enough in him to do as he asked them:

He told them to go out healing the sick and to cast out demons, even to raise the dead. Imagine that, an appropriate name for the new religion of 2000 years ago was Ressurectionists, not Christians. (Perhaps when Satan offered him all the world’s governments, he inadvertently showed him Burke and Hare.) not that I think Satan would hold back from showing the worst that could happen if Jesus didn’t take control.)

Anyway they tried what he asked and like Peter with the fish with the gold coin in its mouth, they all came back totally amazed.

And yet after a couple of years of being able to do things like that, they were finally shown to be incapable of healing a sick child, -shortly before they all ran off at the murder of their master.

The point is they had had faith and they were all convinced. Yet they were all shown to be lacking one fundamental issue.
So now it is time for me to take a walk and ask WTH is going on?

For there is so much to learn.

OK. I have had a word with my creator and if I get it wrong you can like it or lump it. The point being I consider I have done my best:


There is a line of Lows running east south east fro the top left corner to Cape Hatteras on the east coast of North America. If it wasn’t there yesterday and it isn’t there tomorrow, this means a quake of at least magnitude 7. Such phenomena are most likely to appear when the easternmost Low steps of the Continental Shelf.

The only problem is that there is a badly drawn cyclone in the middle of the line, so I suspect it will be a lower magnitude by about 0.5. (Something in the region of a 6.5M.) That is if it is not a volcanic eruption. The following charts are too vague to be certain.

This could be part of the same system, the NA-EFS is notoriously imprecise. If it is the same,system then it is an indication of more volcanism. Probably in Central America.

Here are the first two charts from yesterday the 13th May, 2017:


The problem with them is that the low to the top left is out of sight on the forecast for the 14th, and that there is interference from the High above the line in the chart for the 15th:

And as we know there was an eruption (quite a large one) yesterday:

13 May 2017.1

I didn’t mention it in my previous threads as it is dealt with quite well (IMO) in my other blogs. On the above chart you can easily see a plethora of air mass centres or eyes and several broken warm fronts like a scattering of eyeballs following a 24 hour race with Mike¬† Hawthorn.

If you can’t or won’t see it too bad, I dun my bit.



One thought on “Compression

  1. Would you believe it?
    I forgot to get to the point of my post. My original intention was to show how earthquakes and volcanoes are pointed out by location. On the Southern Hemisphere chart byt the pointing of cyclones on the same longitude and on the NA-EFS by the angles of the straight lines of Lows and Highs.
    With a line of Lows the reaction will be from the Northern Pacific to the Southern Atlantic.
    With a line of Highs the reaction is in the other half of the planet.
    Or not, as the case may be.

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