It never rains but pause

Is it jut me, or has every computer on the planet taken a blow to the head this morning?
I know that there is a lot of funny business going on in the world and the Usual Routines this spell are being upset.
Or maybe it is just that my ISP is updating its servers?

My fingers are a little painful. The end digit in each finger seems to be sore with old splinters. Maybe I have eaten too much sugar again. I have noticed that I get the shakes when I OD with sugar.
Or maybe it is the weather and possibly even a combination of all three and maybe others?
Does that sound a little paranoid?
The problem is that on my last blog, I started using html to write my threads because it was easier to put text in between images like that.
And now I am having to learn how to open blocks of images while still a pot of tea short of full cognisance.IDY20000.mslp-precip.036
Plus I am expecting a large earthquake to run concurrently with a large volcanic eruption in (possibly in) Iceland.
Let me show you:
I usually only collect five of these things (twice a day, but who’s counting?)
There is a striking line of Lows running almost north/south up the east coast of North America.2017051600_048All of them adjacent, all of them touching. Maybe that is the only way one can represent such things on a chart.

In reality these things keep their distance. There again I live in a house I don’t get out of often enough these days.2017051600_072
When the Lows flow over the continental shelf these other things will happen. (Not tend to happen -this is a reality.)

It is a job for angels and we are not gods, we can’t possibly interfere with the weather and anyway, how do we know we can stop it safely?2017051600_096
The point is: Such a long sequence, if it pans out, will become an eruption and going by the way it lies on the land; I am pretty confident it has to be Iceland.2017051600_120
But what do I know?
I know I should have posted this last night but I was just too whacked to do so.
16 May 2017.1
Besides; taking time to think things through is a good thing is it not?
16 May 2017.2
Things look a lot clearer in the morning/with the Atlantic charts.
16 May 2017.3
But you can see that something pretty big is coming down on us, can you?16 May 2017.4
How many fronts do you need to see?
The Met Office even ran out of red ink with these things.
Fortunately someone must have had a spare bottle in his car because he went to get it by lunch break.
16 May 2017.5
Just in time by the look of it.
16 May 2017.6 Large earthquake do occasionally (but rarely) occur with Large eruptions.
Why is that?
And why are eruptions so common with storms?
16 May 2017.7
The fact is, earthquake are a factor in storms but there is a cut off point with the magnitudes involved.16 May 2017.8
I am sill working on what they are And I really don’t know what limits there are to what they mean.

Seismic signal of this morning’s explosion at Cleveland (CLCO station, located 15.5 km (9.6 miles) east of Cleveland) (AVO) A small explosion occurred from the volcano last night at 19:17 local time (03:17 UTC this morning), the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO) reported. more

Take for example the hiatus in earthquakes immediately prior to a tropical storm. (Why does it have to be tropical?)

Let us just look at facts. Not statistics. Facts! this for Ella and Donna two cyclones in the same region.
Cyclone- Cat. 4 Donna 02-10 May 115 knots
Cyclone-Cat. 1 Ella 09-14 May 75 knots        1
From the recent USGS postings the signal for Donna was:

























































































27km NNW of Karakenja, Tajikistan

86km W of Vallenar, Chile

116km NW of Batang, Indonesia

76km SSW of Kahale, Indonesia

286km SSW of `Ohonua, Tonga

19km NW of Playon Chico, Panama

207km ENE of Flying Fish Cove, Christmas Island

Norwegian Sea

31km N of Karakenja, Tajikistan

33km N of Zhaxi, China

0km W of Uto, Japan

94km WNW of Skagway, Alaska

34km SE of Pucallpa, Peru

30km N of Karakenja, Tajikistan

37km SW of Tanaga Volcano, Alaska

80km NNE of Visokoi Island, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

97km WNW of Camana, Peru

12km WSW of Kumukh, Russia

34km NNW of Karakenja, Tajikistan

98km SSW of Bristol Island, South Sandwich Islands

31km N of Olonkinbyen, Svalbard and Jan Mayen

32km NNW of Karakenja, Tajikistan

5.8 mww

4.7 mwr

4.8 mb

4.5 mb

4.9 mb

4.6 mb

4.7 mb

4.6 mb

4.9 mb

4.9 mb

4.6 mb

4.5 mwr

5.3 mb

5.1 mb

4.5 ml

5.3 mb

5.1 mww

5.2 mb

4.8 mb

5 mb

4.8 mb

5.9 mww

I still have a lot of coding to learn. But I have much more important/interesting stuff to do first. The succinct points are that the signal began with a 5.9 mww. earthquake:
2017-05-03 at 04:47. 39.5N. 71.4E. 32km NNW of Karakenja, Tajikistan
and ended to all intents and purposes with a 5.8 mww earthquake at:
2017-05-05 at 05:09. 39.4N. 71.4.E. 27km NNW of Karakenja, Tajikistan.

The problem these days is that thesignal for a tropical storm is also the signal for a volcano. One problem comes with a solution that lends itself to us from the other side of the Julian madden oscillation:

The Froude-Beaufort Law. The period (time between) earthquakes of or above Gale Force indicates the approximate energy of the phenomenon that result from the singularity. For a Tropical depression the starting point on the scale is 12 to 15 hours. For a category 5 Hurricane the time lapse is something like 30 hours. There is an unlimited time period after this that I can only assume is the VEI energy value of an earthquake. I have no idea what the upper limit is.

The reasons for that are:
1. I have never lived through such a period and
2. There are no limits to how many volcanoes are going off at any one time.
In face the sump value of this lore is that all winds everywhere as well as all earthquakes, as far as I know, may be included. It is for example an arbitrary point that meteorology has decided that hurricanes are confined to the tropics.

But I honestly believe Meteorology is a science that prefers to stay in the Dark Ages rather than apply modern tech to its otherwise insurmountable problems. Bear in mind that the founder of the science was not familiar with the term hurricane eye.

Admiral FitzRoy believed the storm per se was caused by what was once understood to mean a meteor in present day astronomy. Once again you have to try to understand the mind-set of people who are still in the dark about geo-physics. Compare for an analogy a recent example of people being held back by what might be considered stuffy recidivists:

In the 1950’s a group of anarchic comedians wanted to present a series of radio programmes on the BBC. They came up with the idea of calling them selves The Goons after some characters that appeared in the Popeye cartoons during WW2:

Probably because one of the directors had not heard the show he looked at their name as The Go Ons. Perhaps as the saying was in those days: “The show must go on”.

These days with everything pre-recorded there is no fatality in a show’s immediacy. People rarely go to watch a play at a theatre but in the 1950’s everyone went to watch live entertainment. There was very little choice about anything else. Even radio’s were not that widely used although by then television was starting to become a “thing”.

The point is that during the peak of anyone’s lifetime it is possible to compare vast differences in social norms between the then and the now.

I can’t imagine a school full of children between 7 and 11 years old, sitting quietly listening to a radio in a school assembly hall, all of them paying attention. But in the 1950’s that is what a rare treat. And we would sit quietly, for that is how we all behaved at home.

Radios were not very big, the puny loudspeaker not very loud and more often than not reception was bad. Often you never knew if the set was broken or just warming up. They used valves and could get appreciably warm. At home the seating tended to range all around the single radio a family owned. It was more often than not like trying to watch a TV show from another room.

But I lived in an era when your toys would quietly disappear. Unless you broke them they would end up as someone else’s Christmas present. I used to envy children who had no brothers and sisters for they always seemed able to look after their toys.

What really got to me was that they never seemed to want to play with them.


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