Derecho/ Volcano/Earthquake

It isn’t very often that we get a large series of tornadoes followed by large VEI volcanic eruptions followed by a large earthquake. But I think that god is telling us to wake up. maybe like Judas, Jesus needs me to work faster.

I hope I don’t end up with depression following this. If someone finds me hanging it was an accident or murder. I have no intention of killing myself . Ever! Certainly not in such an interesting period.

6.2M. 39km S of Namatanai, PNG 2017-05-15 at 13:22.
5.6M. 67km SE of Inarajan, Guam. 2017-05-16 at 03:56.
14 1/2 hours. Is that fundamental for a solid wind to blow?

At the time of writing it is over 86 hours since the last gale force sized earthquake:

4.9M. 143km WNW of Arawa, Papua New Guinea 2017-05-19 18:14

If weather has averages does symmetry equal volcanoes?

Weather Bureau chief Francis W. Reichelderfer, who detested Krick as a “smug, supremely self-confident self-promoter”. Wouldn’t someone making outrageous predictions come across as someone you would be extremely jealous of?
Would for example such people come across the way that some of yo think I do?
Fair play, in my case, if you think I am an arsehole you are absolutely right. I have made some fatuous attempts at being nice but it never lasts long. Take for instance my relationship with god. I know it would have uspset any number of the experts on here if they hadn’t already had me killfiled. I am a little upset and while I do acknowledge a level of smugness I assure you I have trepidation in making claims such as the one I am going to make just now; all the more so because I have not yet had time to give it much thought. I only got up half an hour ago after catching up on zeds. Consequently I have only just seen it.

Which brings me to my religion:

If the original Israeli government (the Hebrews or sons of Abraham of the bible) had written in their constitution that any soldier could excuse himself from the front line if he felt afraid of the consequences of a coming battle: Deuteronomy 20:8:

Then the officers shall add, “Is anyone afraid or fainthearted? Let him go home so that his fellow soldiers will not become disheartened too.”

It allowed for the future development of apostasy and gave conscientious objectors a remedy that less careful soldiers might not be considering. So it is for those who absent themselves from my words. I don’t blame anyone for finding better things to do. For those few, those happy few, that listen to and consider my efforts carefully I say you can stay and welcome.

Something interesting is happening in the next few days. I am expecting a large volcanic eruption to occur. It looks to be on the Aleutian chain but I may be wrong. It look like being followed by a large earthquake too. Maybe it will just be a VEI-4 followed by a magnitude 6 to 6.9. earthquake.

I have trepidation because of the volcanoes not because I doubt my faith. This part of the cycle is still very much a learning curve for me. A lot depends on the tornado spell hitting the USA at the moment. If the series blows itself out in time (20th May 2017) we are going to get a large earthquake possibly in Iceland and that may awaken a large eruption there.


I am referring to the line of lows running NE at the top of these NA-EFS charts.

There is also this striking anomaly form Hawaii. Initially something south of the Aleutians is pointing north east:


I have no idea why this bloody thing is running backwards. I converted it to .jpg and it decided to arrange itself that way. I really don’t feel up to sorting it our right now.

I am going to have  break once I get the interesting one done:


Damn thing!

Anyway you can see all the more clearly due to the error that the imposing cyclone flattens the circular one in the centre of the N Pacific. This all takes place over the coming week but bear in mind that large geo-phenomena tend to shake everything up as well as settle it all back down again.

The trick is to approach god with your problems asking for absolution in person and for further guidance as a and when.


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