The deeper things of god


God has indeed not finished working on creation. While I am holding back trying to get over some form of newwritis an affliction enhanced by too many chocolate éclairs late nights on the disputer and my own special allergies to volcanism/need for a new set of spectacles before I attempt to unfold the mysteries of the Polar Front someone posted about the anniversary of the Chilean earthquakes on sci.geo.earthquakes:

It started with the Northridge one. The bay of San Francisco looks like a giant vulva.

God must have designed it especially for Californians a species of gullible democrats that put up with incessant political corruption in lieu of looking after their environment properly.

I seem to need to unravel my knickers somewhat here. I got the impression Northridge/Reseda was south of San Francisco Bay and touching it, more or less but now it looks like Baja or the Sea of Cortez is the  seiche’s home. I will let you sort it out for yourselves:

2010-04-04 Baja California 7.2 Mw VII 2–4 100–233 $1.15 billion

Winki doesn’t seem to have much to say about that maybe the people there are the wrong colour?

This is where the Japanese megaquake originated:

Mutsu Bay You can look up Bio Bio and the various other super-quakes to get a picture of the extremes for yourself. I don’t like Google’s format it stinks of Microsoft/Flash Player. Losers seem to be taking over the Internet for the sake of secret services spying on us. Fuck them all to hell!

I had a craving for some chocolates. Now I am bored with this.


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