There is no way on god’s green earth that human nature can ever reconcile itself to science without a firm belief in god. The wishy washy so called religions of this planet are in opposition to every breath he gives us. And that is why it’s politics is useless, its finances dubious and why miscreants are in complete charge of every charade that hits the public eye.

We are touching god’s eyeball and he is reacting accordingly.

This is why when bad things happen we are content to delude ourselves with stories of god’s non existence. Can you imagine being presented daily with the truth that all of the millions of intricacies that apply to our daily lives is all just coincidence? Just because a god whom we choose to ignore does not exist?

Think about it. You know for a fact that children growing up now have no idea what foods are good for them. They don’t even know what shit to wash themselves from. How would you introduce into their lives the reality that the moon for instance is an amazing chronograph that controls the ocean systems?

Contemporary science doesn’t even know how tides work.

You can’t!

There is no way on god’s earth that you can just tell experts that the weather, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are mere acolytes to the sound of a big balloon. They will write you off as a comedy show and your efforts to help them navigate reality will go down as comedy. Their loss is not anyone’s gain. In fact their stupidity drags each one of us down to their level if you let it. You just have to wave them goodbye and wash their shit from your shoes as best you can.

Failure to separate yourself and make your stand against idiocy will mark you as a victim of the horsemen. People who ignore god in their lives will be thrown away like rotten fish. They are not being trampled by heaven’s cavalry. God has given command of his agency to his  son and Jesus, although now all powerful, is not concerned with bringing death and destruction. We are doing all of that to ourselves.

When disaster famine and disease strikes we know there are oases ready and waiting. Pockets of temporary immunity which can be offered to the needy. Help that we resist using that we see never getting through propely because of the maladies that ar our daily lives.

All through the Ethiopian famine a few decades ago there were foods being sent to European markets from North Africa. At the very same time huge international trawlers were draining the centuries long fishing economy in the ocean around the north-east African coast and that is why to this day small open boats are attacking huge ocean giants plying the North African waters, taking hostage small unlucky sections of the planet’s delivery systems.

Globalism devoid of god is the stark reality facing you. This is what the story of the horsemen of the apocalypse means. The story of the four horsemen of the apocalypse escapes everyone who hears about it. despit being a part of every news bulletin.

If you would like to find out more you will be diverted. (The word diverted means misled.) That is the simple story of god’s simple plan. Jesus told you a secret when he was on earth:

Go straight to the core he said. Struggle to keep going on the right path and you will not be diverted. To be diverted is to be divided. Even now you are in two minds. That is the pity and the beauty of it. If you just stepped back for a moment from your busy schedule to analyse what is happening to your stupid plots and plans you will see that you have been divided against yourself all you fucking stupid lives. There is no way I can reach you to slap you out of your own filthy stupidities. Al I can do is tell you to turn to god and ask him to help you sort you out.

But you are divided against yourself and will reach the logical conclusion of your own insistence. Locked in each discordant step you are bound to futility. And not all your satellites and all of your computers will never answer you. You are wading though shit trying to make it all make sense

What can you possibly give to god to please him and get you out of this mess?

Does he take bribes?

Can you convince him with delicate words and suitable actions?

With what labour can you give to the creator  as rewards for you life’s work; of gold and platinum, diamonds and rubies?

He owns all  the silver all the coal, oil and all the gardens, farms, ranches  all the ice, glaciers, mountains; all the animals on every aspect of it -every living thing  and all the people you both know well and those you have never heard of answer to him. What can you possibly do to please him?

It is easy.

Just ask. Just ask him -not me nor anyone else. You are on your own but you are not alone.


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