There isn’t a branch of science more aptly named than the subset of physics that deals with the weather. We are intimately bound by the physical activities of the environment and by extension the way the sun shines on us.

I doubt the sun is a fusion device as a simpler explanation is less radical. I believe the interactions of the solar system about its centre (the sun) is enough to warm the outer layer of the solar atmosphere. At peak periods of solar activity this action at a distance is mirrored on the earth by volcanic activity. Search and see if the peaks of volcanic activity are matched by data sets of sunspots and solar flares.

You will find that recent activity, for example, the recent Etna and Bogoslof eruptions will match solar flares and prominences announced by NASA space weather

(Nicely timed; this post was inspired by a recently lost post about General Abercrombie not by my looking at the above site.)

Despite the sun-shine I am  upset because I spent a long time composing a  draught yesterday. I recently moved back to this server because it lets me post large files as animations. But I left the server to open another blog site because I can never find the controls on this one. I may have a draught of the original lost post but I still can’t find the damned thing!

No real loss as I was going all over the place with it. I was trying to get you to think about what we take for granted. General Abercrombie was born 300 years ago but I lost focus:

Sir Ralph Abercromby KB (sometimes spelt Abercrombie) (7 October 1734 – 28 March 1801) was a Scottish soldier and politician.He became Governor of Trinidad and was in favour of freeing the American colonies. He was also one of the first writers to describe the weather using laws derived from the newly invented Barometer.


The use of the term cyclone and anticyclone in the above text is probably due to later interference with his work. We are buggers for improving things; usually scientific integrity is maintained so I can not say what Abercromie knew for certain. The term meteor in meteorology was derived from an ignorance about astronomy the science of polarity having not yet been invented.

A rotating storm had been defined by the middle of the 1860’s but I am not sure that even Admiral FitzRoy understood the difference between a cyclone and an anticyclone. So I am just going to go ahead and ignore the imbeciles in charge of the modern concepts of weather and start it all over again.

The real centre of a storm is on the ocean surface. When a litre of water is blown into the sky it raises the state of the fluid contained at the centre of the storm. I am assuming this is due to a cut off in ocean currents because of low energy earthquakes, something called Swarms:

The Centre of the World

The Seismic Centre of the World extends from New Zealand to Indonesia. There is always an earthquake in this region. It is focused on a triangle between Vanuatu, Tonga and Fiji. This (for me) is proof of creation. That the ring of fire is extending the Garden of Eden means the whole angelic dance has a purpose.

All we have to do is explain it as it unfolds. In this way we honour our creator. Any one that can not see it is working for a fool and may not expect to be catered to.

The Cyclone and, in its season, the Anticyclone is universal but for the moment we can consider the North Atlantic as the Centre of Meteorology. It is certainly the home of the most depressing weather. At least it is where the British can be found. A singular race that gained and lost and empire without realising how politics works.

Fortunately god has chosen to work with the incredibly foolish, perhaps this is because we are easily led?

Once you begin to appreciate all the alternatives. You begin to focus and if you know anything about sheep you will appreciate their milling in discomfort. This is called a polar point.

31 May 2017.1

The large polar point in the above chart is a volcanic cyclone. It contains a lot of anticyclonic air that will eventually settle out as the cold and warm air separates.

31 May 2017.2

The cold heads east whilst the warm heads north; presumably under the direction of its individual component forces.

31 May 2017.3

The moon is the most volatile of the centre of the solar system and is the most easily perturbed by the sum of its parts acting as our sink or temporary gravity sump as the rest of the continuum works itself out. But although perfectly balanced it is virtually weightless with a mass of…

31 May 2017.4

The moon’s mass is 7.35 x 1022 kg, about 1.2 percent of Earth’s mass. Put another way Earth weighs 81 times more than the moon. The moon’s density is 3.34 grams per cubic centimeter (3.34 g/cm3)

31 May 2017.5

Imagine a child in a tug of war with a team of 10 giants.

How many drops of water would he raise against them?31 May 2017.6

All the moon can do is keep an hold of the rope. Should it let go, the earth would accelerate from orbit at 7.35 x 1022 kg per second per second. It is this juggling of mass that holds our weather together and allows it to separate gently.

31 May 2017.7

God has designed the earth as a perpetual motion machine and as long as starlight continues to flow to the stars it will never fail.

31 May 2017.8As you can see the cold fronts have broken off and redistributed. Whilst the warm fronts still appear intact they are trapped under the the volcanic overcast and will disperse northwards into the Norwegian Sea and Arctic.

All the white text and numbers in these charts are polar points. Polar is a mathemagical term meaning rotation. Overall it is a zero sum as all anticyclones and cyclones although they follow different tracks will add up to an overall pressure of about 1016 millibars. Fortunately the mass is kept separate long enough to leak together slowly as the dance goes on.

Unity is a situation) in which whatever is gained by one side is lost by the other.

  1. “lawyers tend to play in a zero-sum game”

2 thoughts on “Depression

  1. The Barometer.
    A closed tube will hold 10 metres of water (over 30 feet) provided that no gas (air) can get in. The seal is maintained by standing it upright in a cup of its own liquid. Any outflow will be drawn back in with a subsequent change of pressure
    Barometers are made of Mercury as it is an inert liquid at normal temperatures and for the utility of using a more portable yardstick.
    Also a gauge can be made to note the changes in pressure with height by floating a pointer in the fluid. Such a contraption can be used accurately in rough seas when carried carefully on a ship.
    32 inches of mercury is equal to a column of air 60 miles high. We are wrapped in the equivalent of a transparent lead sheet nearly a metre thick that is motile, transparent, breathable to animals and vegetables and nutritious.
    See if you can design one of them by accident!
    And make it absorb only harmful radiation.

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