The interesting stuff in geo-phenomena produces odd or anomalous behaviour in the forecast charts. For this reason the forecasts have much more immediacy than archived data sets.

On the other hand analysis charts are the only ones that weather centres archive so we have to use them. Currently expert meteorologists are limited in the way they use archives. The most logical use of old data is to present records of peaks and troughs. Stupidly weather analysis are being falsified to promote the pet theories of liars and fools. At the moment they are only falsifying weather charts (and for the most part by siting weather stations in the wrong locartions.)

Earthquake data is pretty much still unaffected by the liars:

These charts taken over 24 hours show a shift of recent (red) activity from east to west.
I believe this is because of the swarming effect introduced by something called cyclosis. The mechanism is not as clear as the results. By which I mean there is no conclusive explanation for the phenomenon. (I think you will find the swarm will be something like 80 degrees from the Mexican tropical storm (Beatriz.) Maybe I am wrong?)

I have a list of recent anomalies I wish to present and am afraid of becoming side-tracked if I stop to check. For example you can just about make out a small anomaly in the North Pacific:

This takes place as a larger energy surge crosses the ocean and is also related to the end of the Mexican tropical storm:

The other anomaly can’t be so easily presented as it is an absence of data. The Australian weather agency is not updating its data as quickly as it usually does:
The official explanation is that the experts are too busy.
At a blind guess I imagine they are busy because their computers are being affected by anomalous geo-phenomena. In which case I can only be as certain as anyone can be about for example the death of Seth Rich or the integrity of the FBI.

(Two current news items occupying the gossip columns of internet news so far this year. By which I mean anomalies are interesting but most people if they have any opinions are keeping them to themselves.)


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