WeatherLore III

When Crhistoph Colon landed in Cuba  500 years ago, he immediately set about rounding up the locals and enslaving them. He had a letter from a man in Rome that gave him permission to steal all the people he found and take all the gold he could find too.

Then he went off to find the rest of the way to India. When he came back some time later, most of the Cuban culture and unknown numbers of Cubans had ceased to exist.

We get the impression, that still persists to this day that, other people lived like animals because they lived a long time ago. It is part of the fake news system put out by the Lords and Ladies of the earth, that keeps us in our place to think that as little as one or two hundred years ago, people lived horrible brutal lives, devoid of all art and happiness.

We know this because they didn’t even have colour photographs, therefore they all lived lives in black and white. It is hard for us to imagine that colours were much more vibrant and smells much more attractive and the things they surrounded themselves with were every bit as good and fanciful as those we desire for ourselves today.

Have you not been taught that our ancestors were monkeys and lived in caves?

How difficult it is to divorce ourselves from that line of thinking just because we forced Other People to live lives of penury and distress. We know this because there are no records of how they lived and what they accomplished as individuals.

And because we are stupid enough to swallow fake news rather than think for ourselves… Besides it is difficult to believe what something like a book of unbelievable fairy stories such as the bible teaches us and this is obvious because up until now we never dreamed of getting the person who wrote that book of magic to work for us.

Would we rather remain in the compound that Christopher Columbus has us believing we must stay inside?

Or are we capable of breaking out?

This action of breaking out in the bible, is called living lives of truth and integrity.

Once you begin to live a life of alternatives you grasp that so much more is readily available to you. All you have to do is get with the idea that if you step out of the boat you can walk on water. Take for yourselves the idea of calling forth smoke out of mountains. I am not quite there myself yet, to the state that I can say “to this mountain get up and be planted in the sea.”

And the Lord answered, “If you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you can say to this mulberry tree, ‘Be uprooted and planted in the sea,’ and it will obey you.

I might not have all the answers but then I must be lacking the tiniest part of the complete faith. I know exactly what can be done by people who do know better, maybe it is just short of the time for it. But such things are not far away right now.

Look the Kingdom of god is among you.

Luke 17:1. But yes it also says that our first ancestors lived lives that were hundreds of years long and that the fairies lived along side them too. Once you get those fairy creatures working for you, you too will have less difficulty with extremes of belief.

How difficult is it to believe that a red sky at night can be used to make a forecast about the weather?

Having the faith to work miracles is not much harder to believe than that. Yes you are going to be laughed at when you decide to go the whole way. In fact there will be people who set themselves up against you just because they believe something else. Look a that political activist that decided to believe everything the American Fake News was telling him and took a rifle to a sports match and began killing or tying to kill politicians the fake news had pointed out to him.

So what has any of this to do with climate science and the price of food?

A lot.

People telling you a red sky is a good or bad thing, is based on market demands for food. It immediately affect you because you may need to make allowances for a wet or a dry day; an hot or a cold one but it affects stock markets for months in advance if a red sky in the middle of an harvest ruins a crop.

This is how it works: Years ago a farmer walked his old cows to market at the end of the year to get the money he was hoping for when he got his first cow. If he goes early he finds more customers, if he arrives late he has to auction them off to less people. The same thing goes if he has some idea about future needs, say, if it going to be a hot summer or a hard winter.

All over the world at one time generations of families had years of experience with these forecasts and they had shrewd ideas of what to work with and how to time going to markets. At one time with the cost of transportation farmers more or less controlled prices. Huge supermarkets couldn’t just pick up a phone and choose to buy from India or China or anther state in whatever country.

So now the farmer no longer controls how much he sells his milk for. It is decided by his customer and even by cartels of his alternative customers. But he still gets to decide what he will offer to the market and when it will be ready for harvest. A lot depends on his bankers too  but most of it is down to the weather and to the seasons. Weatherlore is about him getting all those things that he can get right, right!

And this is where knowing that a mountain is going to blow up is useful; because mountains control when the wind blows and when the rain falls. All of it. It is not about the mountain blowing up in your face and you having super-power in order to deflect it. It is about warning farmers to be prepared.

In the old days climate science was based on proverbs like red skies at certain times of day. They were also about heavy fruit yields. All of them. They were all based on what the stock markets functioned with in the days, centuries ago, before there were stock markets.


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