False Flag

I don’t have the ability to transpose these things onto video. If anyone has the ability and the wish to do so, by all means help yourself:

1 January:

2 January:

This is when Britain’s Met Office went dark:
How do I detail what all these charts mean?
The work is not just daunting but pointless as I have covered everything in closer detain every day past as it passed. What do you want from me?
How can an old man do it all alone?

3 January:

I can’t remember why 4 January is missing

5 January:

6 January:

7 January:

8 January:

9 January:

10 January:

11 January:

12 January:

13 January:

14 January:

14 January:

15 January:

16 January:

17 January:

18 January:

19 January:

20 January:

21 January:

22 January:

23 January:

24 January:

25 January:

26 January:

27 January:

28 January:

29 January:

30 January:

31 January:


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