Since they shot that thing down about a week back, I don’t know exactly what it was a satellite I hope or just a drone redirect maybe (a satellite would cost millions to replace, everyone would know everything about it and the US would shoot it down) I have forgotten how to recognise the old patterns. I could go over my old posts to find them but they are haphazard and all over the place on various sites.

All my useful stuff is by Weatherlawyer (IANAL, just interested in weather-lore) some of it, mostly on Usenet, is by a Microsoft sign-in and is out of date by more than a decade.

Anyhow, we have a problem. I am sure that if there are people keen enough to do it you can learn a lot about what I was doing by just viewing the events of the last few days. No need to go trawling through the past, just sit back and learn for the next time in case someone else gets a big idea.

I am not against terra-forming or geo-engineering just against doing it without asking god’s approval first. I am pretty sure he has this stuff in mind for us to make new lives for ourselves somewhere out there among all those planets.

I will post most of what you need starting about 2 days before the last large ‘quake. These are all the sites I scan there are god know how many more you can choose from and they will all give you the same results when you learn how they vary….

They are all connected by virtue of being on the same planet. It is called teleconnection and, before DeepState, was due to the distribution of sea surface heat in the oceans.


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